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Broadcom launches the industry's first switch using on-chip neural network, reducing power consumption by 25%

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Thanks to netizens OC_Formula and knsgccxr for the clue delivery!, December 3 (Xinhua)-- Broadcom announced the launch of a new on-chip neural network reasoning engine called NetGNT (Network General Neural Network Traffic Analyzer) in its new software programmable Trident 5-X12 chip.

NetGNT works in parallel to enhance the standard packet processing pipeline. The standard pipeline is a single packet / single path, which means that it looks at a packet as it passes through the chip's ports and buffers. By contrast, NetGNT is a ML inference engine that can be trained to find different types of traffic patterns across the entire chip. notes that Trident 5-X12 can be programmed, upgraded in the field, and provides 16.0 Terabits / s bandwidth, twice as much as Trident 4-X9; added support for 800G ports, allowing direct connection to Tomahawk 5; and 1RU data center ToR that supports 48x200G downlink ports and 8x800G uplink ports.

Other major benefits of Trident 5-X12

25% reduction in power consumption per 400G port compared to Trident 4-X9

Use Broadcom's 100G-PAM4 SerDes to increase support for 800G ports, support up to 4m DAC and linear optics

Support for transition to next-generation CPU and GPU servers using 400G NIC

Add NetGNT to enable new features while improving network efficiency and performance

Add enhanced telemetry capabilities to allow a more in-depth understanding of network operations in real time, which can then be used to train NetGNT

Increase the forwarding / policy scale to support the growing network siz

Maintain the compatibility between traditional API and current Broadcom switch chips

Full programming with NPL (Network programming language), allowing field upgrades to add new telemetry, security, and traffic engineering features

NPL is compatible with the current Trident 4 series, which has been used by a large number of customers to develop their own custom switch applications

Support for enterprise-class SONiC and SAI that can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into the data center operations framework

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