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Star Sky has been on sale for three months, with more than 12 million players.

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Shulou( Report--, December 3 (Xinhua)-- at the recent CCXP 23 event in Brazil, Microsoft game CEO Phil Spencer revealed that the total number of players on PC and Xbox has exceeded 12 million since the release of Star on September 6 this year. Spencer added that the game "is still among the top 10 most popular games in our studio." noted that at the end of October this year, Microsoft announced that Starsky had more than 11 million players. This means that there have been 1 million new players in the past month.

Meanwhile, according to Bethesda, there will be a lot of support to look forward to, and about 250 people in the studio are still working on the game.

Starry Sky will provide full Mod support sometime in 2024, and the first expansion pack called "broken Space (Shattered Space)" is in production.

It is worth mentioning that "Star" as the first game, the debut has been in the Game Pass game library, so a considerable number of these 12 million players are the contribution of Game Pass. In addition, according to SteamChart, Starry Steam has an average of 19763 online players in the past 30 days. Online players lost 97000 people from September to October, 28000 from October to November, and 539 so far.

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