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Footage of the "GTA6" game was leaked again, and it was reported that the source of the leak was the son of R Star's artistic director.

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Shulou( Report-- December 3 news, R Star previously confirmed that the first trailer of "GTA6" will be released at 10:00 on the evening of December 5, Beijing time, although the notice still has 2 talents to arrive, but the relevant game footage has been leaked once again.

▲ video source bilibili third-party user transcription according to foreign media GTABase reported that some users have posted a video containing game development pictures in TikTok, but foreign media believe it may also be a well-planned hoax.

▲ source GTA found in the user's video that the user also posted a photo claiming to be the son of R Star Art Director Aaron Garbut, who also claimed to "guarantee that the content of the video is true."

The newly leaked images have many similarities with the early development videos released by hackers last year, and R Star has also taken action, requiring the platform to delete the relevant leaked screenshots in X and YouTube, and the relevant TikTok accounts have been cancelled, so the leaked game images are likely to be real.

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"it is reported that a large number of live games have been leaked by hackers."

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