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One plus 12 mobile phone preheating: equipped with regional multi-function NFC, infrared remote control function

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens soft media Xinyou 1933769, roaring nerve clue delivery! news on December 3, one plus mobile phone official WeChat continued to warm up new products today, this time introduced some of the connection features of the one plus 12 mobile phone, including the so-called "exclusive self-research" multi-function NFC and infrared remote control function.

The so-called "full-area multi-function NFC", that is, multiple parts of the phone can sense NFC, the sensing range can cover more areas of the whole machine. At the same time, the official introduced some use scenarios: swiping the door ban and bus card with mobile phone, etc., without "aiming" (specific NFC sensing area), front, back and side can be swiped.

In addition, the machine supports multi-function infrared remote control, it can be seen from the official demonstration screenshots that the remote control App of the machine supports photo addition, manual addition according to the device type, the former can automatically identify the corresponding equipment by shooting physical objects, while the latter supports users to add set-top boxes, TVs, smart boxes, DVD players and other equipment, and is expected to include air conditioners, projectors and other household appliances or smart home products.

In the warm-up last night, the official announced that the one plus 12 mobile phone supports the full-link Dolby horizon experience, claiming that from shooting, editing to display and sharing, the whole link supports the Dolby horizon, which can achieve "Pro" picture quality.

The new phone will be released on December 5. summarizes the previous official warm-up information as follows:

Exclusive development of "holographic audio" technology to achieve up to 12 audio sources and channels projected to different directions to play at the same time.

The first engine is equipped with AAC bionic vibration induction motor Turbo, which adapts and accesses all kinds of applications and games, and adjusts the vibration effect of 72 kinds of 700+ systems in the system.

Equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, provide 24GB+1TB large memory version, the world's first memory gene recombination 2.0, the world's first Sony Optics LYT-808 flagship sensor.

Provide white, green, rock black three kinds of color matching, respectively using a new generation of ceramic glass technology, the industry's first jade glass process, a new generation of silk glass process.

The first launch is equipped with a new and upgraded "aerospace heat dissipation system Pro", which claims to be a real new generation of global heat dissipation technology.

The world's first "Oriental screen", the peak brightness of the screen reached 4500nit.

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