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Changan Qiyuan launched a limited time discount in December, and the three models are equivalent to a price reduction of up to 8001 yuan.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen grass Luo Yuzi for the clue delivery! December 3 news, Chang 'an Automobile's new energy brand Chang' an Qiyuan announced a few days ago, For all models launched December time-limited preferential policy, Involving December 1 - 31 period under the order of new car users.

The campaign covers all models currently launched by Changan Qiyuan brand: medium and large sedan A07, compact sedan A05 and compact SUV model Q05. ( Note: Chang 'an Qiyuan A06 is not yet on sale)

Among them, Chang 'an Qiyuan A07 currently has 5 models on sale, the price range is 155,900 - 176,900 yuan, providing cash, warranty, finance, maintenance, charging, fine products and blind box and other benefits, among which "cash gift" is 1999 yuan deducted to 10000 yuan car purchase fee, equivalent to "disguised price reduction"8001 yuan.

The car offers pure electric and extended range versions. The extended range model adopts 1.5L Atkinson cycle engine with maximum power of 95 hp, maximum power of drive motor of 218 hp and pure electric range of CLTC of 200 km; the pure electric model provides 258 hp drive motor with range of 515 km.

The compact sedan Chang 'an Qiyuan A05 also offers similar activities, also from 1999 yuan to 10000 yuan, while the car's price range is 89,900 - 132,900 yuan. However, unlike A07, A05 offers a "waiting gift": from the next booking date, if the pick-up cycle exceeds 30 days, you can enjoy 120 yuan a day waiting for a red envelope.

The car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of 1.5L engine. The maximum engine power is 110 horsepower, CLTC pure electric endurance is 70 km, 145 km, comprehensive endurance range can reach 1225km or 1300km, and the lowest fuel consumption under comprehensive operating conditions is 0.98 liters.

Chang 'an Qiyuan Q05 has been pre-sold before, the car offers 5 configurations, the pre-sale price is 129,900 - 159,900 yuan. For this car, the official launched 1999 yuan to 22000 yuan car purchase gold activities.

The car is equipped with 1.5L engine and permanent magnet synchronous single motor, providing 140kW and 158kW two different motor powers, CLTC pure electric range of 60km or 125km, comprehensive range of 1150km or 1215km.

According to previously reported, since this month, BYD, zero-run cars, Chang 'an and deep blue cars, FAW-Volkswagen and other brands have launched their own time-limited preferential policies.

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