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The results show that when you ask ChatGPT a question, you promise to provide a "tip" and you will get a more detailed reply.

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Shulou( Report-- December 3 news, in many English-speaking countries and regions more popular "tip" culture, customers usually pay service providers tips in exchange for better service. One blogger, thebes, came up with an interesting idea: if you tell ChatGPT that you will get tips, will you also get better service?

Recently, he published his experimental results on Platform X. The accompanying graph shows that whether or not to offer or offer different amounts of "tips" after asking ChatGPT questions does have an impact on ChatGPT performance.

"I don't tip": the number of characters answered is 2% below the baseline

"I'll tip $20 ( Note: Currently about RMB 143)": Number of characters answered 6% higher than baseline

"I'll tip $200": 11% more characters than baseline

In detail, the blogger selected GPT-4-1106-Preview for testing, and he provided the chatbot with the request "Can you show me a simple convnet code using PyTorch?"

It is alleged that the answer length is due to ChatGPT providing a more detailed explanation of the question or adding additional relevant content to the answer rather than simply commenting on the question asked.

After promising to "tip $200," ChatGPT automatically added something that wasn't mentioned in the original question: something about training with CUDA, he said.

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On November 29, the blogger posted on X platform claiming that he encountered a prompt "Do you want to tip ChatGPT" when using GPT-4, which made him feel incredible. However, he didn't really tip ChatGPT, and ChatGPT couldn't accept tips.

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