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It starts at 126700 yuan / 167700 yuan, and two new Geely cars, Xingrui L / Xingyue L, are officially on the market.

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Shulou( Report--, December 3 (Xinhua)-- Geely's "China Star" series of two new cars-Geely Xingrui L Smart Rock and Geely Xingyue L Smart engine officially went on sale tonight. Both cars are equipped with China Xingzhi engine hybrid system. The configuration and price are as follows:

Geely Xingrui L Smart engine

Xingyun version: 126700 yuan

Xinghe version: 136700 yuan

Tiangong version: 146700 yuan

Geely Xing Yue L Smart engine

Xinghe version: 167700 yuan

Tiangong version: 177700 yuan

Geely announced that the purchase of Xingyue L Smart engine model can also get 2-year free use of NOA intelligent navigation assistance system. At the same time, users who buy cars before 24:00 on February 9, 2024 can also enjoy 3000 yuan in red envelopes for the New year.

Compared with their respective cash models, the two new cars have been adjusted or improved in appearance, interior decoration, safety performance and intelligence.

The length, width and height of the Xingrui L Smart engine are 4825*1880*1469mm, the wheelbase is 2800mm, and it has its own "Qingshan Purple" color. It is equipped with a 13.2inch high-definition central control screen + 10.2inch full LCD instrument, and the Tiangong version provides a 24.3inch giant screen AR-HUD head display.

The length, width and height of the Xingyue L smart engine model are 4795*1895*1689mm, the wheelbase is 2845mm, and it has its own "Haoyuebai" color. The car is equipped with a 12.3in digital LCD meter, a 12.3in touch HD central control screen and a 12.3inch touch HD passenger dedicated screen. Tiangong also provides AR-HUD augmented reality look-up display system.

The two new cars are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, support mobile phone App remote control, intelligent voice interaction and so on. In addition, Xingyue L Smart engine can also be equipped with NOA intelligent navigation assistant driving.

In terms of power, both Xingrui L and Xingyue L adopt China Xingzhi engine Oil Hybrid system (HEV), which is composed of a new generation of 1.5TD four-cylinder hybrid engine + 3-gear DHT, and adopts P1+P2 dual-motor architecture.

The overall fuel consumption of Xingrui L Smart engine and Xingyue L Smart engine are 4.22L / 100km, 4.79L / 100km and 7.9s, respectively.

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