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Sources say that Samsung Galaxy S25 will no longer use its own GN3 sensor, but will turn to Sony CIS solution.

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Shulou( Report--, December 3, Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones are now close to mass production and should be released early next year, according to previous revelations. The S24 and S24 + models will use Samsung GN3 sensors with 5000 megapixels for main photography.

According to @ Tech_Reve, Samsung Galaxy S25 and S25 + phones will no longer use the classic GN3 sensor, and it seems that they do not plan to use Samsung semiconductor CIS, but will use Sony's image sensor.

According to the query, the Samsung ISOCELL GN3 sensor has an effective pixel of 50 million (8160 x 6144), a size of 1.57 ", a unit pixel size of 1.0 μ m, support for Dual Pixel PDAF (for better autofocus) and Tetrapixel (for better low light performance), and support for optical anti-shake.

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"it is reported that the design of Samsung Galaxy S25 series mobile phones will be greatly revamped, ushering in the" Lee Yi-Huan era ".

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