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Tianmian Science and Technology unveiled at the 17th Shenzhen International Financial Expo

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Recently, the 17th Shenzhen International Financial Expo officially opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Tianmian Science and Technology showed up collectively with Nanshan District, fully demonstrating its financial vitality. In this Golden Expo, the Nanshan District government selected three outstanding financial technology enterprises, including Tianmian Technology, to participate in the exhibition, showing the achievements of the financial industry development in the area with unique and innovative cases.

With the theme of "gathering new momentum of finance and enabling high-quality development", this year's Golden Expo covers an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, with nearly 300 financial institutions and enterprises participating in the exhibition. set up three major exhibition areas of financial services, financial science and technology, international finance and three special areas of industry and finance docking, talent exchange, and financial science popularization, focusing on the latest achievements of financial innovation and industrial development.

"born in science and technology, become in finance", the Nanshan delegation fully demonstrated the main line of the area's work around the integration and development of finance and science and technology, and continued to give full play to the strength of financial capital and professional services. It shows the strength of Nanshan District as an economic region and a strong area in science and technology, focusing on scientific and technological innovation, market demand, green development, small and micro services and other areas, continuously optimizing financial services and fully serving the real economy. contribute to helping Shenzhen to create a high-quality development highland.

As an one-stop financial technology service provider of WeLab Huili Group, Tianmian Technology relies on the export and accumulation of financial technology of WeLab Huili Group for many years, and exports innovative technology platforms, financial technology products, services and comprehensive solutions that meet its needs to government and enterprise customers on the basis of big data's core technologies such as analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the Golden Expo, Tianmian Technology mainly demonstrated three core highlights: (1) Privacy Computing: ensuring data security and value sharing, with the advantages of open source code, authoritative authentication, wide applicability and low cost; (2) data center: activate data assets to achieve data centralization, self-management, self-development and service. (3) Cross-network data exchange system: convenient, lightweight and secure implementation of file transfer and exchange between different security levels of network environment.

Focusing on the above three product highlights, Tianmian Technology has expanded five product sections to provide partners with leading technical services in the whole process, and has provided digital solutions for nearly 900 enterprise customers.

As a headquarter enterprise in Nanshan District, WeLab Huili Group has been contributing to financial science and technology innovation in the region to provide convenient online financial services for more than 60 million registered users. At present, WeLab Huili Group has expanded its diversified business to digital banking and B2B business, and its footprint has extended to mainland China, Indonesia and Malaysia, providing diversified and unique financial technology services to consumers and various financial institutions. As a unified export window for innovation and technology of WeLab Huili Group, Tianmian Technology will also continue to help more cooperative organizations to enhance their digital capabilities.

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