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"Tomb Raider" the original Laura, "real person" used to look like this.

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With AI to "redraw" classic old games, this wish may now really come true. The pixel wind Laura in the original PS "Tomb Raider", let AI start painting, unexpectedly became a high-definition beauty!

As soon as this effect came out, it immediately exploded on social media. In less than half a day, it turned more than 6.8k. Now the popularity is still soaring in real time:

Many netizens can't wait to try it out, and po out more magical AI redraw effect.

In addition to the pixel wind "triangle" Laura into a beautiful woman, but also can fully armed low-definition protagonist whole body into high definition, every muscle can be seen clearly:

Landscape painting is also "hand to catch," originally still some blurred images, after AI optimization, immediately become high-definition:

It can even refine Musk's "angular" Cyberpickup directly with AI:

To achieve this explosion effect, it is a super resolution & image enhancement App called Magnific AI, which can refine the original blurred and unclear images into high-definition large images.

Let's see how well it works.

Magnific AI is now directly playable. Enter a picture to generate a high-definition big picture.

For example, input an image of a man, after optimization, wrinkles on the face and hair details can be seen more clearly:

AI-generated details, such as wrinkles on the face, details of badges on clothes and buttons on belts, also stand up to scrutiny after magnification:

Of course, after combining Midjourney, it would be even more invincible.

First generate a rough image with Midjourney, then refine it with Magnific AI, the effect is no less than real shot camera:

The details of the real face are also restored in place, the angular details of the eyes are more distinct, and at the same time add a little "color" to the characters:

Even the beard on his face could be further refined, and the effect was indeed close to that of a straight shot:

In this way, a whole bunch of retro games can be implemented quickly with it.

Many netizens were already imagining Mario's effects:

Some netizens joked that the same thing was needed in real life, such as refining my face:

However, there are also careful netizens found that the effect generated by Magnific AI is not completely OK at present, for example, Laura's clothes suddenly have a diamond (manual dog head)

This bug needs to be fixed later with PS.

Of course, the effect of the AI was enough to amaze everyone. So how did Magnific AI play, and what team did it come from behind?

The team behind it has just been established for 4 months. First of all, Magnific AI is not free. At present, there are three subscription schemes available:

Pro Edition,$39 per month, 200 regular enlargements + 100 extra large

Premium Edition,$99 per month, 550 regular enlargements + 250 extra large

Enterprise Edition,$299 per month, 1600 general zoom + 800 extra large, free two-hour video customer support

Two of those months become giveaways if you pay a one-time annual fee, which averages $32.5/82.5/249 per month for 10 months.

Magnific AI, founded by Javi Lopez and Emilio Nicolás, was officially announced on November 22 and officially launched on November 28 after four months of development and testing.

Founder Javi lamented that 100 people joined Magnific AI's waiting list in 10 minutes and more than 6000 people signed up in 6 hours.

In addition to the graphics magnification tool, the studio also offers a hint tutorial for $149 (off 99).

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