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The forward-looking version of Win12 is ready to launch: it is reported that Microsoft will release two Windows version updates next year, bringing "breakthrough" AI features.

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Shulou( Report--, December 6, although the name of the next major version of Windows has not yet been determined, we already know that it will be code-named Hudson Valley and will be released sometime next fall, focusing on AI features.

WindowsCentral said that after ushering in the new leadership, Microsoft has revised the Windows roadmap and is ready to resume the annual update pace of Windows from next year.

This means that Windows will revert to the mode of making large feature updates only once a year, rather than making many smaller feature updates throughout the year, as it is now, and new Windows features will no longer rely on Moment updates in the future.

Microsoft plans to release a major version update of the Windows platform in 2024, codenamed Germanium, which is also a previous version of "Hudson Valley".

It is said that the change to the Windows roadmap will take effect after the release of Hudson Valley in 2024, so there will be at least one Moment update in the current version of Windows 11, which sources also expect to be released early next year in February or March.

First, Germium is expected to reach RTM status in April, while Hudson Valley updates may not be completed until August and will not be released to the public until September or October.

Like Cobalt and Sun Valley in 2021, Microsoft will continue to develop Hudson Valley because many of its features are platform independent. In addition, OEM manufacturers will begin to launch new Arm hardware with pre-installed Germium as soon as June 2024.

Sources say this is because Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chips are over-reliant on the Germium platform, which means OEM cannot use the current Win11 with X Elite hardware, but they don't want to wait until the Hudson Valley is fully ready in the fall.

As a result, Microsoft will also make a new start, releasing a new version of Windows for the first time before the next major version of Windows update is ready.

This means that the PC pre-installed with Germium next summer will lack most of Hudson Valley's features, but they will also be available when the new system is officially released and available in the fall.

To put it simply, the PC with pre-installed Germium released in the summer will be upgraded to the Hudson Valley version in the form of cumulative updates to Germium RTM, while current Win11 users will receive a Hudson Valley operating system upgrade.

In terms of functionality, Hudson Valley focuses on "next-generation AI experiences" that cover all aspects of the system, but most of them may need to be enabled with new NPU hardware.

According to sources, one of Microsoft's big new features is AI-based Windows Shell, which can be enhanced through "advanced Copilot", and the feature can constantly work in the background to achieve an enhanced experience unwittingly. Sources say these AI features will be "groundbreaking".

Unfortunately, at present, we know nothing about the so-called "Windows 12", and we are not even sure what the final shape of Hudson Valley will be, or whether it will be a new version of Windows 11 based on the Germium platform, or a brand new Windows system that has undergone great changes.

According to WindowsCentral, the company is developing a new history / timeline feature that allows users to quickly browse all applications and sites that Copilot remembers and filter based on their specific search criteria. For example, you can enter "FY2024 earnings" and Windows will present you with all instances of the term.

In addition, Microsoft will use AI to enhance Windows's search function, and you can use natural language to search for content you have opened or seen on your computer before. For example, even if you don't remember the name or content of the document, you can simply search for "find the document that so-and-so sent to me on QQ a few days ago," a natural language that Windows actually understands.

Other AI features include so-called super resolution, which will use NPU hardware to improve video and game quality, and an enhanced version of real-time subtitles that will be able to translate many different languages in real time, whether from audio in video or real-time calls.

It is said that Microsoft is even developing "AI"-based wallpaper, which will use machine learning to recognize the contents of the image and show a slight parallax when interacting with the user's mouse or gyroscope (mobile device).

In addition to AI, Microsoft wants to add a dedicated "creator" area to the start menu and File Explorer, which will bring together all Microsoft services, which could be the launchpad for Microsoft 365. users can simply click on shortcuts to jump to new or existing design projects, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft is also making several key changes to Windows's energy-saving features, with sources saying it can extend battery life to up to 50 per cent on some hardware. In addition, Microsoft is developing a new feature called "Green Energy" to help users reduce carbon emissions.

Microsoft has also been trying to develop a new desktop interface for Hudson Valley, placing elements such as the taskbar (such as the system tray) at the top of the screen, but the design is still in the experimental stage and is unlikely to be launched in 2024, because the new Windows chief does not want to make a splash when this version is released, according to sources.

In other areas, Hudson Valley also includes quality improvements, but it is not clear what specific aspects are involved.

Of course, all the above revelations are based on the roadmap of existing Windows development projects, but as you all know, Microsoft often cuts a project halfway through, so it's normal for a feature to be postponed or cancelled eventually.

So, are there any new features that you would particularly like to see in Windows 12? You might as well discuss it with you in the comments section below

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