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Breaking the rules: a unique CPU monitor created with a physical dial

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Shulou( Report--, December 4 (Xinhua) in the digital age, computer performance monitoring has become the focus of attention of PC gamers. Traditionally, we use software that comes with the operating system, such as Windows task manager, to digitally monitor CPU usage. However, Lex from Computing: the Details of Youtube Channel has broken the rules and created a new kind of CPU monitor that brings monitoring from the digital world to real life. notes that in order to monitor CPU, at least 12 dials are needed to show the load of each core. But Lex goes a step further by adding additional dials to observe memory usage and swap space. There is a scale behind each dial to indicate the amount of usage measured. When the indicator changes, the pointer on the dial moves accordingly to indicate the amount of work currently processed. LED lights will also change so that users can judge the load level at a glance.

These dials are controlled by an Arduino Mega with PWM. The circuit board also controls the LED lights, which use a string of individually controlled bar lights that are neatly installed under each dial. All hardware is installed in a custom frame that uses laser cutting and is fixed through card grooves and notches.

According to Lex, the software used in this program is his own Rust program, which is specially used to extract data and process it for Arduino. PC communicates with Arduino through USB interface, which enables CPU monitor to respond to processor and memory usage in real time.

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