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Zoom app transforms into video conferencing camera on Apple Apple TV 4K iPhone

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Shulou( Report-- December 4 news, as promised earlier this year, the videoconferencing application Zoom is now available on Apple TV 4K. Because the Apple TV box itself does not have a camera, the application relies on using iPhone and brackets such as iPhone MagSafe Camera Mount to use the Continuity Camera feature. notes that tvOS 17 has previously brought FaceTime applications to Apple TV, and now Zoom has joined the ranks. Rival WebEx also launched a preview version of its Apple TV app a month ago, but it hasn't been officially released yet.

The Continuity Camera feature works with any iPhone and iPad running iOS 17, allowing users to use the device's camera for Apple TV without the need for any specific bracket, and anything that keeps the device upright and stable.

Apple TV's Zoom application, called "Zoom for Home TV", is separate from the Zoom application available on iPhone and iPad, and does not contain all the functions in the main application, dedicated to starting from the TV and joining meetings.

However, the app also provides some good features, such as calendar integration. Users can get Zoom apps for free at the Apple TV App Store and need a Zoom account to use them.

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