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Technology last night this morning 1204: Tencent MOO Music announced suspension; 2024 Spring Festival Gala theme, main logo released; do not provide personal information can not scan the order, businesses were found to be infringing

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Hello, everyone. It's Monday, December 4, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

1. Tencent will shut down MOO Music and officially suspend its service on December 31. MOO Music, a subsidiary of Tencent Music Group, announced that MOO Music will officially cease service on December 31, 2023. > > View details

2. The theme and main logo of the 2024 Spring Festival Gala was officially released. According to CCTV news, the official announcement of the "2024 Spring Festival Gala" (Spring Festival Gala in the year of the Dragon) was officially announced on December 2. The theme is: "the Dragon's Spring Festival Gala (pronunciation: d á), Xin Jia Guo", which comes from the first regular script dictionary. According to the Kangxi Dictionary, "Yi" comes from the first regular script dictionary "Yu Pian", with the same pronunciation as "da (d á)". The dragon is the spiritual symbol and cultural symbol of the Chinese nation. "Dragon travel" describes the appearance of the dragon taking off, high-spirited and enthusiastic. > > View details

3. The footage of the "GTA6" game was leaked again, and the news said that the source of the leak was R Star, the son of the artistic director of R Star. R Xing had previously confirmed that the first trailer of "GTA6" would be released at 10:00 on the evening of December 5, Beijing time. Although the notice still had 2 geniuses coming, the relevant game scenes were leaked once again. According to the user's video, the user also posted a photo claiming to be the son of R Star Art Director Aaron Garbut, who also claimed to "guarantee that the content of the video is true." > > View details

4. Guangzhou Auto Honda will lay off about 900 contract workers Honda said on December 2 that it would lay off about 900 contract workers from its Chinese joint venture, Guangzhou Auto Honda, because of its rapid shift to the electric car market. > > View details

5, Internet celebrity Big V Test Leopard 5 high-speed fuel consumption of 18 liters, BYD equation Leopard responded: there are a lot of abnormal driving behavior recently, equation Leopard car's first model Leopard 5 on the market, a total of three new versions, the price range is 289800 yuan to 352800 yuan. However, some online celebrities measured that the car's fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is as high as 18 liters, which is a far cry from the official propaganda, causing a heated discussion among netizens.

The data show that the vehicle had a large number of abnormal driving behavior on that day, including not limited to the following points: 1. During the whole period of high-speed driving, the speed exceeded 180km/h in 3 periods and exceeded 170km/h in 6 periods. 2. During the whole period of high-speed driving, the proportion of speed 120-140km/h is more than 37%, the proportion of speed 140-160km/h is more than 46%, and the proportion of speed exceeding 160km/h is more than 4%. Abnormal parking time is found in some sections of the highway. > > View details

6. World's largest: Japan's large-scale nuclear fusion experimental device begins operation according to Xinhua News Agency, the large-scale nuclear fusion experimental device jointly built by Japan and the European Union in Nako City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan began operation on December 1, taking another step towards the realization of the "artificial sun." > > View details

7. Cristiano Ronaldo faces more than $1 billion in damages for promoting the cryptocurrency exchange. Football player Cristiano Ronaldo has been sued for more than $1 billion (about 7.14 billion yuan) in the United States for promoting the currency security of the world's largest encrypted currency exchange, the BBC reported. The lawsuit was filed in a Florida court on November 27, and the plaintiffs claimed they lost money on their investments as a result of Ronaldo's promotion. In November 2022, Qian an announced a partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo to launch the first "CR7" series of heterogeneous tokens (NFT), thanks to fans for "years of support", "CR7" refers to Cristiano Ronaldo's initials and jersey number. In the video of Guan Xuan's cooperation, Ronaldo told potential investors: "We will change the NFT game and take football to a new level." It is understood that Cristiano Ronaldo has accumulated 850 million followers on all social media. The cheapest NFT in the "CR7" series sells for $77 and can cost as much as $10,000, but it costs only $1 a year later (the cheapest version). > > View details

8. China's first super-large-scale "photovoltaic + gas film" project has been put into operation, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 9500 tons per year. According to Xinhua News Agency, four super-large-scale gas film greenhouses at Luanzhou wharf in Changzhou Port were fully completed yesterday, marking the first super-large-scale "photovoltaic + gas film" photovoltaic power station project in China to be put into operation. > > View details

9. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology replied to netizens' suggestion on "ensuring the basic communications of old mobile phones": 2G / 3G withdrawal is an inevitable choice, but it is also necessary to protect the rights and interests of users. According to on December 3, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently responded to netizens'"suggestions on ensuring the basic communication functions of old mobile phone users". The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also said that the withdrawal of mobile communications from the network is not simply "as soon as you withdraw." The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that it is necessary to improve user protection measures to fully protect the rights and interests of users in order to implement the withdrawal of the network. > > View details

10, worth more than 26 million "sky-high price" follow-up: the buyer did not pay, claiming that he took the wrong picture. According to a report by Modern KuaiBao on December 3, after a beautiful account with a mobile phone number ending with "999999" in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, sold for more than 26 million yuan at the end of last month, the buyer did not pay by the deadline and explicitly refused to pay the final payment when contacted by the court, saying that he had "made a mistake." > > View details

11, 126700 yuan / 167700 yuan, two new Geely cars Xingrui L / Xingyue L Smart Rock officially launched two new cars of Geely's "China Star" series-Geely Xingrui L Smart Rock and Geely Xingyue L Smart Rock officially launched on the evening of December 3, both cars are equipped with China Xingzhi engine oil-electric hybrid system. The selling price is as follows:

Geely Xingrui L Smart engine

Xingyun version: 126700 yuan

Xinghe version: 136700 yuan

Tiangong version: 146700 yuan

Geely Xing Yue L Smart engine

Xinghe version: 167700 yuan

Tiangong version: 177700 yuan > > View details

12, millet Wang Teng: Redmi K70 Pro champion version of the initial yield is low, in the production capacity climbing stage, the end of December sale Redmi market general manager, Redmi brand spokesman Wang Teng recently revealed that the K70 Pro champion version uses a different process with the standard version, the production difficulty is more complex, the initial yield is low, is still in the production capacity climbing stage, will be sold at the end of December, the specific time will be announced in mid-late December. Redmi K70 Pro Champion Edition has two color schemes, co-named Lamborghini SQUADRA CORSE, which provides 24GB + 1TB storage. For configuration, please refer to Redmi K70 Pro. > > View details

13. Tencent Video collapsed, the official response and apology: is stepping up the repair, various functions in the gradual recovery on the evening of December 3, a large number of netizens submitted feedback that Tencent Video has successively experienced network failures, including not limited to the home page can not load content, VIP users can not watch member videos, and so on. Tencent Video responded that at present Tencent Video has a short-term technical problem, we are stepping up repairs, and various functions are gradually being restored. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience. > > View details

14. You cannot scan a meal without providing personal information. The merchant was convicted of infringement and learned from the official website of the Beijing Municipal No. 3 Intermediate people's Court that recently, the court made a final judgment on a related dispute. It is found that the pre-procedure for merchants to set up a pre-procedure that follows the official account of Wechat and is authorized to query personal information in the process of ordering food by scanning the code is an act of compulsory access to consumers' personal information in a disguised form and constitutes infringement. > > View details

15. National Space Weather Monitoring and early warning Center: geomagnetic activity continues, and a small to moderate geomagnetic storm is likely to occur on Monday, according to the latest monitoring and forecast, due to the combined influence of the solar coronal hole high speed solar wind and CME on December 1, a small to moderate geomagnetic storm may occur on December 4. > > View details

16. Major discoveries: PetroChina announced that it had explored a large oil field, and its geological reserves exceeded 100 million tons, CCTV News and Xinhua News Agency reported that PetroChina Changqing Oilfield announced on December 1 that after two years of exploration, a large oil field with geological reserves of more than 100 million tons was found in Hongde area, Huanxian County, Gansu Province. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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