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Toyota Urban Crossover concept car is unveiled, which will become the smallest electric vehicle under Toyota.

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Shulou( Report-- Toyota will launch five new electric vehicles in Europe over the next two years in an increasingly competitive electric vehicle market today, with one of them announced today with the Urban Crossover concept car, a compact new car expected to compete with models such as the Jeep Avenger and Mini Aceman.

Toyota plans to launch a series of new vehicles starting in 2026 that will be based on the modular architecture announced last October and feature next-generation batteries that significantly improve range and efficiency. Andrea Carlucci, Toyota's head of product development, said the bold B-Class SUV concept "strongly signals Toyota's significant contribution to electric vehicle sales in Europe in the coming years."

Toyota will unveil the full specifications of the car in the first half of 2024 and unveil the mystery of the as-yet-unnamed production model.

At present, Toyota has only confirmed the size of Urban Crossover: 4300mm long, 1820mm wide and 1620mm high. The car looks very similar to Suzuki's recently announced eVX concept car, and the two companies have a strategic partnership and work together on certain models, but Toyota executives did not disclose the specific relationship between the two cars.

It is understood that Urban Crossover is built on a dedicated platform related to the e-TNGA platform used by the bZ4X SUV. The car will serve as an electric replacement for the current Yaris Cross hybrid model and will be the smallest electric vehicle in Toyota's product line,"at least temporarily." However, the car won't be priced at the same price point as the Yaris Cross, with Karucci hinting that electric cars "come at a premium."

Striking a balance between affordability and practicality, the car will be offered in two battery versions, with the larger battery expected to deliver a range of about 250 miles ( notes: about 402.34 km), in line with the car's urban positioning. The car will also have an optional front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive powertrain.

Emphasizing that the urban SUV segment is now the most popular segment in Europe, Karucci added: "We have had great success on Yaris Cross and we do not intend to leave any room for competitors. "

The Urban Crossover, Compact Crossover and Sport Crossover concept models, together with the bZ4X, will make up four of Toyota's six electric vehicles to be launched by 2026. Details of the remaining two vehicles have not been confirmed, but there are indications that they will be SUVs similar to the RAV4 and seven-seat Highlander.

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