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NetEase's parent care platform launched the "one-click prohibit game recharge / login" function, which can achieve all-round management after binding the account.

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Thanks to netizen West Window old clues delivery! December 4 news, Netease game today announced, In order to help parents and friends scientific management of children's game situation, Netease parents care platform launched "One key prohibit game recharge,""One key prohibit game login" function, Parents only need to bind children's game account, Can realize all-round management on their mobile phone. includes the following operating instructions:

WeChat search "Netease Parent Care Platform" public account and pay attention, click navigation bar-manage children

Log in via Netease Email Account/Netease Mobile Account

Fill in the parent identity information, select the binding method, and bind the child account

Enter the platform, click Duration/Consumption Management, and you can ban children's games and recharge with one click.

According to previously reported, Earlier this year, the State Network Information Office studied and drafted the "Mobile Internet Minors Model Construction Guide (Draft for Comments)," Will comprehensively upgrade the "Youth Mode" to "Minors Mode," Promote the model coverage from App to mobile intelligent terminals, Application stores, Realize software and hardware three-way linkage, Convenient users one-click access mode, For minors to create a safe and healthy network environment.

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"National Network Information Office: It is planned to upgrade the" youth mode "to the" minor mode "in an all-round way, divided into 5 levels, and only after parents confirm can they withdraw"

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