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Tencent Video: the "barrier-free theater" will be launched early next year, and the visually impaired can watch more than 600 films and television works free of charge.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., December 4, according to Tencent Video's official news, December 3 is the 32nd International Day for the disabled. Tencent Video, China Braille Publishing House and China Braille Library jointly announced that Tencent Video will launch the "barrier-free theater" area at the beginning of 2024 to provide free cinema services for the visually impaired and enrich their spiritual and cultural life.

▲ "accessibility Theater" example demo, picture source Tencent Video learned from the official that Tencent Video plans to launch in batches of "accessibility Theater" more than 600 barrier-free works, taking into account the preferences of visually impaired users of different ages, there are not only classic theme films such as "my 1919", but also word-of-mouth comedies such as "the Great River", "Pentium years" and "Charlotte annoyance". Among them, Tencent Video authorized 115 exclusive copyright high-quality film and television works, including "wandering the Earth 2", "three-body", "long season", "Menghualu" and "Please comment more for the rest of my Life". In cooperation with China Braille Publishing House and China Braille Library to provide resources and standards, the follow-up recruitment campaign will be launched for the society. Create a barrier-free version for the visually impaired in a co-creative way.

In addition, Tencent Video App will further upgrade the barrier-free experience. Visually impaired users can not only directly search for target movies to watch, but also easily select movies according to the type and rating of movies and TV dramas in the "accessibility Theater". After identity verification, they can enjoy wonderful content for free.

In order to make the "barrier-free theater" more in line with the habits of visually impaired users, the China disabled Persons' Federation public welfare organization-Tencent accessibility Joint Innovation Lab organizes visually impaired user experiencers to participate in product development and testing in advance. Design, debug product functions, and optimize interactive experience.

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