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Kovos launched a new base station window cleaning robot window treasure W2 PRO, the era of window cleaning robot 2.0 is coming.

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Beijing, China, December 4-Corworth's new base station window cleaning robot WINBOT W2 PRO went on sale today, and is now available for pre-sale on the official Coworth website,, Tmall's official flagship store and other platforms. the first launch price is 3299 yuan, and you can get a gift package worth 400 yuan for pre-sale purchase.

As a replacement upgrade product of the window treasure series, the new Kovos window cleaning robot window treasure W2 PRO is equipped with a six-in-one all-in-one base station for the first time, which makes it easier to move around the house; the configuration of the sucker and safety rope at the bottom of the mainframe is optimized to enhance the safety of anti-fall. In addition, W2 PRO has upgraded its cleaning technology by using a wide-angle self-spraying water wiping system with bilateral three nozzles to optimize the path planning for corner cleaning and improve the overall cleaning efficiency. With the dual innovation of hardware and software, the new window treasure W2 PRO will provide users with a more convenient, reassuring and excellent window cleaning experience. This is also the result of Kovos's continuous commitment to iterative upgrading of window cleaning robot technology. The launch of window cleaning robot W2 PRO ushered in an era of window cleaning robot 2.0, which will help to further improve product recognition and category penetration in the market.

Create the first six-in-one universal base station, take as you like, no limit for window cleaning

At present, most of the window cleaning robot products on the market do not have independent base stations, so it is necessary to find a fixed power supply to charge and find a fixed object to bind the safety rope, which is also prone to winding problems with the power cord, which is very troublesome to use and receive. Kovos window treasure W2 PRO combines safety rope and power cord into one to avoid multi-wire winding; it is the first independent base station with built-in winder to realize the industry's first one-button automatic rewinding and unwinding cable, so that W2 PRO can automatically control and operate independently. The built-in 5200mAh lithium battery in the base station can be regarded as the mobile charging pile of the window-cleaning robot, supporting a maximum of 65 "facade area cleaning on a single charge (in fast mode, the pros and cons add up to 65"), which can be started when the window treasure is taken out, which greatly reduces the preparation work before use and enters the era of window cleaning.

The quick panel above the base station supports six kinds of commands: switch, one-click pick-up, start pause, mode selection, return to the origin, unlock the sucker, the operation is very simple, and all kinds of people can be easily used. A new sucker is added at the bottom of the base station, which can produce 800N suction force when the window treasure is in operation, and cooperate with 5.2kg 's base station self-counterweight to ensure that the base station firmly absorbs the ground, avoids the possibility of window treasure falling from high altitude, and helps users to "bid farewell to shackles" and is safe and reliable in all aspects.

Wet wipe technology is upgraded again, bilateral three nozzles, high pressure atomization cleaning without dead corner

Kovos from the window treasure W1 series began to use self-spraying technology, significantly improve window cleaning effect, and gain widespread recognition from consumers. Kuanbao has a market share of more than 60% in China and more than 80% in Germany. Window treasure W2 PRO will further upgrade the wet wipe technology, using bilateral three nozzles wide-angle self-spraying design, more uniform and comprehensive coverage of the clean area, spray coverage increased to 90%; the body comes with 60ml water tank, the whole process constant humidity window cleaning; wide-angle spraying range and the width of the machine body perfectly match, spray is used, dissolve the dust and dirt on the window surface in advance, making cleaning easier.

The window treasure W2 PRO optimizes the motion system by improving hardware and software path planning along the edge. The newly upgraded brushless motor makes the window treasure walk faster and work quieter, WIN-SLAM 4.0greatly improves the path planning ability of the window treasure W2 PRO, and walks more smoothly; the square body has the advantage of natural edge, combined with the new edge cleaning mode to improve the edge cleaning problem, and the cleaning efficiency of the windows of the whole house is improved by 30%. The optimized air duct structure and the new anechoic cotton design also greatly reduce the noise in the cleaning process and make the window cleaning experience better for users.

The multi-facade of the family is fully adapted to protect the safety of ten factors.

Window treasure W2 PRO uses Kovos self-developed high-volume dust strong lock water dishcloth, with professional cleaning solution can effectively remove bird droppings, rain stains, dust, ink, finger pigments and other stains and stubborn stains, in addition to the common floor-to-ceiling windows, small windows and inclined windows in the family environment, the bath room glass, ceramic tiles, smooth marble surface and glass cabinet door can also be wiped. The high-precision Optocoupler sensor and acceleration sensor ensure that the window treasure can intelligently identify the acceleration direction and detect the frame in a variety of facade environments, and cooperate with the functions of high suction up to 5500Pa and automatic filling of air pressure in the operation of the window treasure, so as to upgrade the security configuration of the host computer.

In addition, the window treasure W2 PRO has a low power protection mode, the machine returns to the origin in the low power mode, the base station puts away the cable W2 PRO can still absorb more than 30min and sound the alarm; the purchase user can also automatically receive a business order, and the user can receive compensation in case of related losses caused by extreme accidental adsorption failure. From the fuselage setting to the advanced protection of the base station, with the third-party protection, the window treasure W2 PRO 12-layer security guard, layer by layer to protect the user window cleaning safety.

In 2011, Kovos launched the first window cleaning robot in the world. In 2023, as a new generation of "base station window cleaning robot", window treasure W2 PRO is bound to bring consumers an unprecedented new window cleaning experience with its convenient use process, efficient cleaning efficiency and perfect security. Kovos window treasure W2 PRO will lead the whole industry into the era of window cleaning robot 2.0.

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