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Hisense Business display won many awards of 2023 connoisseur Aurora Award

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, 2023 experts said that the Display Annual meeting and Aurora Award presentation ceremony came to a successful conclusion in Shenzhen. As one of the most influential awards in the industry, the winners of the 2023 connoisseur Aurora Award were announced at the ceremony. Hisense business shows that with years of deep cultivation in the LED field, its product Hisense Mini LED COB star map series won the annual most influential product award and was on the annual list of the most influential MLED application terminal brands.

According to reports, the connoisseur Aurora Award has been adhering to the principles of fairness, openness, science and authority for many years, and has selected the award-winning units and products in a professional and rigorous manner from the perspective of industrial depth, which is known as the "golden benchmark" of the industry. The purpose of the award is to encourage and recognize enterprises and products that make outstanding contributions to the industry and have a significant impact on the industry every year, so as to guide the industry to better realize resource integration and industrial value investment. This award is a great affirmation and encouragement to Hisense commercial display brands and products.

As the latest work of Hisense commercial display in the field of Mini LED, Hisense Mini LED COB star map series won the connoisseur Aurora Award "most influential Product of the year" for its leading industry features in link architecture, picture quality performance, energy saving and low consumption. Hisense Mini LED COB star map series innovative link, using ASIC control chip, with "SOC+ASIC" scheme instead of "sending card + receiving card" scheme for signal transmission, for 4K and below splicing screen, only one HDMI line can realize signal transmission, which greatly simplifies the operation configuration. Innovative research and development of high-speed eLVDS transmission protocol, transmission bandwidth up to 16 times of the traditional bandwidth, can achieve accurate area control display, while greatly reducing electromagnetic interference; with a leading two-way mode to replace the industry one-way mode, intelligent detection, intelligent correction and continuous intelligent evolution in the future.

In terms of picture quality, Hisense Mini LED COB star map series has achieved the reference quality effect of richer details, more transparent picture and more accurate color. This product uses full flip COB chip, extremely small luminous pixel area, black accounts for a higher proportion, greatly improve the contrast, bring more immersive display effect. The product is also equipped with Hisense self-developed composite nano-coating technology, so that the light transmittance reaches 60%, the reflectivity is less than 3.5%, which is better than the industry 40%, 50% transmittance and 5.2% reflectivity, so that the perceptual contrast of the star map COB series reaches 40000 1. At the same time, the new generation of Hisense COB star map series products are more accurate in color reduction, meet the studio A standard, in the studio, exhibition and other scenes, can truly restore the display details, the picture effect is more vivid, bringing the ultimate display effect.

In addition, Hisense Mini LED COB star map series in energy-saving comfort, intelligent maintenance and other aspects of the performance is still excellent. According to the test, the product can achieve the maximum power consumption of 188w/ "ultra-low power consumption, which is better than the industry-level 300w/" under 600nits, and achieve a screen body temperature below 37 ℃, experience comfort near the screen body, energy saving and low consumption. Taking 100sqm as an example, about 140000 kilowatt-hours of electricity can be saved in a year. In intelligent maintenance, Hisense Mini LED COB star map series can achieve intelligent detection of voltage, current and other parameters, in addition, intelligent correction can be achieved after changing the lamp board, the lamp board and HUB board can be replaced directly, greatly improve the maintenance efficiency, while supporting remote control correction, so that the large screen correction is no longer high threshold.

The connoisseur Aurora Award Organizing Committee mentioned in its acceptance speech that the development of Mini / Micro LED products is inseparable from the efforts and promotion of various application manufacturers. In recent years, consumer terminal application brands continue to accelerate industrial integration by means of panel resources, customer resources, investment, cooperation or mergers and acquisitions, so that the MLED industry can gather more industrial energy and capital investment.

The 2023 Aurora Aurora Award won a number of awards, which is an affirmation of Hisense commercial display continuous deep ploughing products, constantly breaking through the application boundary of LED display. In the future, Hisense Commercial display will join hands with more upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain, led by technological innovation, to help the LED display industry move towards a higher quality development stage.

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