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Meta launches Seamless Communication AI translation suite: supports nearly 100 language inputs with a simultaneous delay of only 2 seconds

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Shulou( Report--, December 4, Meta recently released the AI translation suite Seamless Communication, which consists of four AI models. Meta claims that the AI suite can "accurately reproduce the speaker's mood", achieve simultaneous interpretation with a delay of only 2 seconds, and support nearly 100 language input.

It is reported that Seamless Communication is the research result published by Meta to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of its AI research organization "Fundamental AI Research".

According to Meta, the suite includes the "second generation SeamlessM4T model" for accelerating translation, the interpretation model "Seamless Expressive", and the simultaneous interpretation model "Seamless Streaming". With the integrated model "Seamless", collates the relevant information as follows:

The SeamlessM4T model claims to be able to automatically associate possible later texts based on what users say during translation in order to speed up translation.

Seamless Expressive is an interpretation model, which claims to solve the problem that "the traditional AI translation can not grasp the user's intonation, pause and light word weight". It can preserve the user's mood, style, speaking speed, pause and rhythm while maintaining the translation quality, thus bringing more "emotional information" to the translated content.

Seamless Streaming is a simultaneous interpretation model, which focuses on speech and text translation with a 2-second delay, and supports interpretation (speech-to-speech translation), dictation translation (speech-to-text translation,S2TT) and automatic speech recognition (Automatic speech recognition, ASR).

On the other hand, the comprehensive model Seamless integrates the above three language models to facilitate the general scenario.

At present, Meta has posted sample videos on GitHub and HuggingFace, which can be viewed by interested friends.

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