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"Guangdong" to see Teng AI, Guangzhou Station is about to open on the day of creation of AI developers.

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On December 9, Shengteng AI developer creation day 2023 year-end closing station will come to Guangzhou. The activity was guided by Guangzhou City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, co-sponsored by Guangzhou Radio Group and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., undertaken by Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center, and co-sponsored by Guangdong Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, Guangzhou Information Association, Tianhe Talent Port and Guangzhou City Tianhe District Software and Information Industry Association.

When the millennium Shangdu Yangcheng and Shengteng AI collision, what kind of wonderful will burst out? Let's unlock the 4 highlights of the event in advance:

Highlight 1: Big coffee gathers in Yangcheng to discuss the innovative application of artificial intelligence

As the national new generation artificial intelligence innovation application pilot area approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the national new generation artificial intelligence innovation development experimental area approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Guangzhou deeply focuses on the development of intelligent manufacturing, wisdom, intelligent transportation, smart city and other fields, has rich scientific and technological resources and strong innovation atmosphere, and artificial intelligence application competes with each other.

In Guangzhou, an innovative city that stands bravely at the forefront of the tide, Shengsheng AI can flourish and deeply participate in the ecological construction of regional artificial intelligence industry. In June 2022, based on Shengteng AI technology, Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center was completed and put into operation, providing solid computing base support for the development of Guangzhou digital economy.

This time, Chuangxiangri·Guangzhou Station will gather artificial intelligence industry leaders, representatives of well-known enterprises, technology KOL, university scholars and developers in various fields. They will deeply analyze the current situation and future development of artificial intelligence industry from the aspects of artificial intelligence cutting-edge technology, industry development and platform advantages, and bring developers cutting-edge interpretation of Guangzhou artificial intelligence industry ecology, sharing of typical industry case achievements, and platform innovation achievements brought by Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center. Benchmark application scenarios are shared to create the future of Guangzhou artificial intelligence.

Highlight 2: Four heavy signing ceremonies to empower Guangzhou artificial intelligence ecology

This activity will hold four heavy ceremonies centering on industrial transformation enabling, large-scale model ecological co-construction, expert think tank support and professional talent cultivation, and make multi-dimensional efforts to "add bricks and tiles" to Guangzhou's construction of general artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem.

In terms of industrial transformation and empowerment, a cooperation signing ceremony was held with a group of key cooperation customers in Guangzhou to demonstrate the innovation ability and leading position of Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center, trigger head-driven power, and promote industrial development and ecological construction.

In terms of large-scale model ecological co-construction, focus on accelerating the application of universal and vertical large-scale models. Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center will hold a large-scale model ecological co-construction ceremony jointly with local and domestic key large-scale model manufacturers to promote "100 models and thousands of states" to enable "thousands of lines and hundreds of industries."

In terms of expert think tank support, the Expert Committee of Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center has added heavyweight expert members to gather experts from various fields to build a platform think tank for expert advice and consultation, providing in-depth intelligence services for the upgrading of enterprise intelligence and the high-quality development of Guangzhou artificial intelligence.

In terms of professional talent training, the signing ceremony of Shengteng AI Talent Development Acceleration Plan was issued, and artificial intelligence discipline construction and talent training were carried out jointly with many colleges and universities in Guangzhou to assist the high-quality development of artificial intelligence industry talents in Guangzhou City.

Highlight 3: Developer sharing, technology decryption, rising AI dry goods MAX

In the developer sharing link, Chuangxiang Day·Guangzhou Station will invite enterprise developers and university developers to share on stage. On the spot, you can not only deeply understand the latest progress of Shengteng AI technology in enterprise application, but also feel the wonderful ideas of university developers based on Shengteng AI. The activity will also invite the winners of Shengteng AI Innovation Competition 2023 National Finals Developer Suite Innovation Track to bring learning and experience sharing with Shengteng, and help developers improve their ability to solve real scene applications.

On the site, developers can also communicate face-to-face with Shengteng AI experts. The chief architect of Shengteng Training and the chief expert of Huawei Shengteng CANN Ecology will respectively bring the knowledge of atomic force for operator development to share the innovation practice of Shengteng AI enabling large model and Shengteng CANN Ascend C, so as to deeply understand the latest technical achievements and innovative applications of Shengteng AI.

In addition, there are three theme exchange sub-forums of "Guangdong", namely,"Big Coffee Developer AI Theory","CXO High-end Thinking Salon" and "ISV Partner Selection Salon". From the three audience dimensions, they share and exchange technical dry goods, industrial cooperation vision, policy propaganda and empowerment around "learning-training-competition" to jointly explore new opportunities for future development.

Highlight 4: Multi-experience, developer achievement display and technical practice

At the event site, cases of application achievements based on rising AI in various industries will also be displayed, so developers can experience new technologies and new products and feel the application charm of artificial intelligence in various industries. Such as AI painting, one-click generation of various styles of painting; virtual digital interaction, not only online face value, but also powerful cross-modal understanding and generation capabilities, online dialogue and communication. There are intelligent driving, comprehensive training platform, AI robot arm, intelligent oil and gas pipe network and other multi-industry artificial intelligence innovation achievements, etc.

Shengteng AI Developer Creation Day·Guangzhou Station will provide a super stage for developers to improve their ability and realize their value. No matter you are an industry practitioner or a developer, don't miss this rare opportunity. On December 9, let's go to a creative feast dedicated to AI developers.

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