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Glory and China Mobile hold hands again: science and technology help sports, deep ploughing high-end circle layer

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, Glory has joined hands with China Mobile GSM to launch the "GSM Horse-running Program-run out of my Glory" in conjunction with high-end circle activities. On December 2, on the eve of the 2023 Shenzhen Marathon, Zhou Wu, deputy general manager of China Mobile Market Management Department, and Zhao Hao, general manager of Honor China operators attended the launching ceremony. officially launched the "GSM Horse Plan-run out of my Glory" online voting ranking list.

▲ (Worldwide Horse Plan-run out of my Honor Voting list opening ceremony)

▲ (jointly celebrate the birthday of GSM runners) "GSM Horse Plan-run out of my Glory" is a quality activity jointly created by China Mobile Global Communications Brand to pay tribute to the marathon's spirit of "self-challenge, transcending limits, perseverance and never give up". In this year's top marathon in Tianjin, Beijing, Xi'an and other cities, China Mobile's "Global Horse Program" finished the race with one-stop service to escort runners' health and safety, and won many praise from users. In the 2023 Shenzhen Marathon on December 3, the Global Horse Program, together with Honor Brand, the official sponsor of Shenzhen Marathon, continues to bring top horse racing experience to the majority of users.

▲ (2023 Shenzhen Marathon-Glory Exhibition area) from now to December 25, customers with GSM silver card and above can enter the "Global Horse Project" activity page through China Mobile APP and Migu video App, and submit short videos on the "run out of my Glory" section to participate in sports. The top 55 votes in the voting list will receive gifts such as Honor Magic V2, Glory Magic Vs2, Glory Watch 4 Pro and so on. Users can get lucky draw opportunities to participate in voting and sharing activities every day, and have the opportunity to draw surprise gifts such as honorable folding screen mobile phones and smart wears. details can be found on the event page.

Glory coincides with China Mobile Worldwide Communications in promoting national fitness, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and science and technology to promote sports events, promoting this high-end circle cooperation.

GSM is a customer brand launched by China Mobile for high-end customers, and it is also the flagship brand with the longest development of the enterprise. it has always won the trust of customers with high-quality service and high-standard quality over the past 20 years. Take the customer as the center, continuously upgrade the operation, optimize the customer experience, strengthen the responsibility, create a series of honorable services, and improve the customer's quality of life; carried out the "Global Horse Plan" marathon, "Global dynamic Program" online fitness and other activities, with customers to implement the "National Fitness" strategy.

As the world's leading intelligent terminal provider, Glory is always based on users and is committed to transforming cutting-edge science and technology in the field of sports health into intelligent products and intelligent services for the general public, and to create a professional and personalized sports health system. At the same time, Honor, as the title sponsor of the "Deep Horse" event and the only designated sports health technical support party, the organizing committee of this year's "Deep Horse" Joint event, is deeply involved in the preparation of the event and promotes the event to new heights with innovative science and technology. for example, smart wear products such as Honor Watch 4 Pro, Glory Watch 4 and Glory bracelet 7 can not only monitor users' heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep around the clock. It also supports a variety of professional sports modes such as running, swimming and cycling, and can accurately monitor users' physical status based on different sports scenes, and based on Honor Sports Health App and MagicOS platform-level AI capabilities, users can also get personalized exercise guidance suggestions that match their sports preferences and physical conditions. In addition, Honor also joined hands with a number of professional medical institutions to provide Shenzhen Horse with a number of guarantees before, during and after the race to help runners run horses healthily.

The independent Glory Brand, adhering to the concept of having friends and the future, join hands with China Mobile to activate the industry and market, continue to deepen the cooperative relationship between the two sides for many years, and jointly open a new era of intelligence and information integration.

This glory, together with the China Mobile Global Communications brand, launched the "Global Horse Plan-run out of my Glory", which is a further deepening of the strategic cooperation between the two sides, with the runway and track, users and runners as the link. Glory folding screen family will once again trigger a storm of popularity of folding screens, bringing unique value to more high-end users with revolutionary experiences such as frivolity, eye protection and long-range navigation. With this event as the starting point, the follow-up two sides will focus on global access to high-value customers, extend cooperation content, expand high-quality rights and interests, and continue to create the highlights of the brand, and plan to jointly carry out more high-end circle activities and open up a new track of cooperation next year. Innovative ways of playing, colluding with high-end, to bring more high-quality new experience for users of both sides.

Since the independence of the brand, Glory has established a high-end development route, adhering to the people-centered concept, and is committed to creating value for users with innovative technology. Entering the third year, Glory focuses on the folding screen track and achieves a high-end breakthrough with frivolous innovation. Data from Counterpoint, IDC, Omdia and other market research institutions show that Glory folding screen mobile phones led the industry in the third quarter of this year, helping to effectively increase high-end market share. IDC reports that Glory has seen a significant increase in market share above $600.

Standing at the intersection of the fourth year, Glory will join hands with the world's top partners such as China Mobile to promote industrial co-evolution with high-end and intelligent innovation experience, create a new world glory and create a new world of wisdom for everyone.

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