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Second-hand merchants do not "pick up". The SE game "Infinite Speed: the Great Adventure of the Warriors fighting Dragons Dai" goes on sale at a recovery price of 100 yen in March.

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Shulou( Report--, December 4 (Xinhua)-- "Infinite Speed to fight the Dragon: the Great Adventure of Dai" went on sale on September 28 this year. This work claims to be a brand-new action RPG game adapted from the famous film "the Warrior against the Dragon: the Great Adventure of Dai", which has released more than 4700 million copies. The price of Steam in Shanghai is 398 yuan.

However, the quality of this work is not satisfactory, known as "half-price promotion after a week on the market", query SteamDB learned that the current evaluation of this work is "mixed", the praise rate is only 44.84%, while the media on M site are scored 61.

In addition to the dismal sales of the game, even second-hand recycling platforms are reluctant to "pick up". The data show that the recovery price of this game is 100 yen ( Note: about 4.859 yuan) on Japanese e-commerce platform geo, while the recovery price on BookOff platform is 400 yen (currently about 19 yuan). noted that the player criticism revolves around the game's "broadcast" experience and lacks actual play content, and many players say that the original work and animation are very successful and are indignant that Square Enix has made the game this way. This also makes it another low-rated work after games such as the Chronicle of the Magic Collector, Forspoken and the Goddess side Elysium. has previously reported that Toyo Securities analyst Hideki Yasuda previously criticized the poor quality control of Square Enix games, saying that "this is excessive business expansion without proper supervision", and that Square Enix gave producers too much control over the project also caused the problem. At present, the poor wind review of "Infinite Speed to fight the Dragon: Dayi's Great Adventure" may make Square Enix's finances even worse.

Related reading: "it is reported that Square Enix will lose more than $2 billion in market value due to the game."

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