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Users report that Apple Apple Music's "add playlist songs" setting is invalid.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 5, according to foreign technology media MacRumors reports, many Apple Music users reported in recent weeks that on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, the "add playlist songs" setting has not been able to take effect normally.

After the user turns off this setting, the Apple Music application will automatically reopen later, causing all songs added by the user to the playlist to be added to the music library in an unexpected way. quoted MacRumors as saying that users of several versions reported the above problems on the Apple support community, Reddit, MacRumors forums and X platforms.

However, after users reported upgrading the update of iOS 17.1.2 released by Apple last week, there has been an increase in complaints about Apple Music problems, with some users speculating that there is a problem with Apple's server that needs to be fixed.

Affected users say the BUG is annoying. If a song that you don't want to integrate is removed from the library, the song will be deleted from all playlists, the BUG can be reproduced, and there is no solution at this stage.

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