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Old domestic black girl: toothpaste + toothbrush 10-piece set 22.9 yuan (16 yuan per unit)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Black Girl flagship Store]

The daily price of a 10-piece set of black sister toothpaste is 49.9 yuan, and the order is issued with a coupon of 27 yuan, with a hand price of 22.9 yuan.

Tmall Heisei toothpaste 10 sets of 4 toothpaste + 3 toothbrushes + 3 sample coupons 27 yuan coupons include: enzyme toothpaste * 1; baking soda toothpaste * 1; Chashuang toothpaste 120g toothpaste * 2; toothbrush * 3; toothpaste sample 20g*3.

Take Chashuang toothpaste as an example, the price of Shangchao toothpaste is 24.06 yuan 210g, equivalent to 16.04 yuan 140g:

This promotion of 22.9 yuan can buy four, as well as toothbrushes and samples, really suitable, interested brother should not be missed.

Black Mei toothpaste was born in Guangzhou toothpaste Factory in 1986. In 1993, Guangzhou toothpaste Factory carried out joint-stock reform and became Guangzhou Meichen Co., Ltd.

Black Mei brand takes "plant power, vitality and freshness" as the core of the brand, takes the original power of plants as the product basis, and conveys a positive concept of life to consumers.

If you don't like this one, A Tuan also recommends some toothpaste that has been recommended and received good feedback:

Tmall Colgate toothpaste combination 5 coupons after 39.9 yuan 30 yuan coupons Tmall double needle toothpaste 4 + toothbrushes 2 coupons containing Artemisia annua plant paste coupons 19.9 yuan 20 yuan coupons

Tmall black sister toothpaste 10 pieces of toothpaste 4 toothpaste + 3 toothbrush + 3 sample coupons after receiving RMB 22.9 yuan coupons

Tmall no threshold red packet up to 8888 yuan, smoke once a day: click here to draw red packet.

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