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It is reported that Xiaomi will have a press conference this month, which is expected to bring important new products.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5 (Xinhua)-- blogger @ Leon revealed today that Xiaomi has a press conference this month, which is related to Xiaomi's surging system and "really heavy" new products.

When some netizens asked if they could talk about it, the blogger replied, "anyway, the message is not a mobile phone." In addition, some netizens asked whether it was a car, and the blogger replied to the dog head meme, leaving a broad space for netizens to imagine.

Over the past two months, Xiaomi has continuously released major new products such as Xiaomi 14 Pro, Redmi K70 series and OS, including accessories such as Xiaomi watch S3 and Redmi Buds 5 Pro. However, Xiaomi car remains a mystery. Except for the ID photos published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there is no way to know the configuration information of Xiaomi cars.

According to domestic car media AutoPix Pixel reported yesterday (December 4), Xiaomi's first car entered the fifth stage of production line verification (PT5) at the Yizhuang factory last week, and the factory needs to complete its target of loading 300vehicles this month, several times more than in November.

Reported that this does not mean that the new car will be mass produced this month, but to supply terminal display needs, production node will not be earlier than the first quarter of next year. At the same time, because it is the first car, Xiaomi "requires more robustness than speed". Engineers close to Xiaomi revealed that the new car is still in the production line debugging and verification stage, so output is not the core goal of this stage, the important thing is to shut down the problems encountered. noted that Xiaomi Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. filed the domain name of the website on August 2, which can now be parsed and transferred, which seems to be one step closer to the listing of Xiaomi Automobile.

For more news about the launch of Xiaomi's new products, will also keep an eye on it and bring follow-up reports.

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