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Launched in January next year, Microsoft Win11's new version of Outlook supports custom attachment save paths.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5, according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap update, Microsoft plans to update the new Win11 Outlook client for enterprise users in mid-January next year, and can customize the file save path when saving email attachments.

In the new version of Microsoft Win11 Outlook, users will automatically download and save to the default folder after clicking the download attachment button; after this update, Outlook users can seamlessly access, browse and save the files directly to the folder they want on Windows PC.

"this feature is designed to simplify the process of saving attachments, reduce the number of steps and improve efficiency," Microsoft said in an update. This is a small change, but we believe it will have a significant impact on your daily workflow. Note: Microsoft tested the new Win11 Outlook application in May 2022 and will add Copilot next year to bring a richer AI experience to users.

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