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WiFi-7 is coming: the full range of Xiaomi 14amp 13, Redmi K60 Pro/ K70 and other models are about to be upgraded

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Thank netizens "see" one, paving rookie clue delivery! December 5 news, today Xiaomi and Redmi announced that Xiaomi 14 full series, Xiaomi 13 full series, Xiaomi MIX Fold 3, K60 Pro, K60 top version, K70, K70 Pro will soon upgrade WiFi-7, faster network speed, lower latency, more anti-interference.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi 10 Gigabit router, Xiaomi router BE7000 has also begun to push Wi-Fi 7 firmware upgrade.

"Wi-Fi 7 is not only a speed, but also a systematic experience jump! multi-channel connection, dynamic optimization, lower latency, stronger anti-interference," Xiaomi official said. "bring more room for imagination for future entertainment and office work."

According to, WiFi-7 has faster transmission rate and more frequency bands, its theoretical speed is 4.8times faster than WiFi-6 and 13 times faster than WiFi-5. It can provide users with ultra-low delay and ultra-wide bandwidth Internet experience, and is regarded as a key wireless communication technology for smart home applications and AR/VR applications.

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