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Redmi computer speaker release: equipped with four units of acoustics, RGB colorful atmosphere lights, to the hand price of 199yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 5 news, Xiaomi Intelligent Ecology officially announced today a new desktop entertainment partner-- Redmi computer speakers, which is Redmi's first audio peripheral specially developed for desktop devices, using four-unit acoustic configuration, with Golden ear certification of good sound quality. Also equipped with RGB colorful atmosphere lights, support real-time sound pick-up and discoloration rhythm, professional DSP adapts to music, games, movies and other scenes, to the hand price of 199RMB, will start pre-sale on December 7th.

Judging from the official poster picture, the Redmi computer speaker uses a cylindrical design, the color is gray matte, and the appearance is good.

In addition to the above information, officials have not released more information about the new product, and the product has not been on the shelves at Xiaomi Mall. noted that Redmi had previously launched a TV speaker, the Redmi TV bar speaker, which also sells for 199yuan.

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