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Xiaomi car appeared in Zhejiang International Circuit and started the special internal test of the track.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen GranTz for the clue delivery!, December 5 (Xinhua)-- Xiaomi's first car will be released next year, and testing is under way.

A number of bloggers today posted pictures and videos of special internal tests of Xiaomi cars, which can be seen on the track with a unique painting style.

At the same time, Hu Zhengnan, a partner of Shun capital investment, posted a picture, saying that "it's another day of Battle, some people claim to trap me, and some people claim to go straight to the supercar", while Weibo's positioning shows as "Zhejiang International Racecourse".

Xiaomi's first car entered the fifth stage of production line verification (PT5) at the Yizhuang factory last week, and the factory needs to complete its target of loading 300vehicles this month, several times more than in November, according to domestic car media AutoPix Auto Pixel.

In addition, found that can already parse the jump, but there is no content related to Xiaomi car, but several screenshots of Xiaomi's official website are stitched together, which can be seen from the picture that it is still in the stage of Xiaomi 13 Ultra promotion, that is, April this year.

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