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Senior IT Manager shares how to choose Commercial remote Control Software 3: evaluate the matching degree of product solutions

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As a necessary IT management and telecommuting tool for enterprises, the selection and procurement of remote control solutions need to be carefully considered by the IT department.

As to how to choose the right commercial remote control solution among many products, we have shared the relevant experience of a senior IT manager, which now covers the initial business requirements survey and the second step to assess the strength of suppliers.

Next, there is the most specific final step: assessing the product / technical capabilities of the solution itself, as well as the degree of match between the solution and its own enterprise needs.

How to choose commercial remote control software the third step is to evaluate the maturity and technical level of the product scheme to ensure that the scheme can meet all its own needs and has a good ability to extend cooperation.

First of all, let's look at the specific indicators of the remote control scheme that need to be paid attention to:

1, remote control products in the enterprise service mode, remote control process experience is smooth, showing high-definition picture quality, lifelike color.

2. Whether remote control products support the flexible and diverse account management needs of enterprises, such as Flying Book, Nail, Enterprise WeChat, AD / Ldap and other third-party account systems, SSO single sign-on authentication integration, etc. Our group uses nails, after account integration, it can save the trouble of maintaining remote control accounts separately.

3. Whether the remote control products support meticulous and multi-dimensional remote control authority management, the more detailed the remote control authority granularity of the remote control software is, the more controllable the authorization process is, which can meet the authorization requirements of multi-business scenarios and multi-organizational levels of the enterprise, and can also meet the concerns of the IT Security Department.

4. Whether remote control products have flexible device management capabilities, such as supporting multi-level equipment grouping architecture, easily sharing devices with other colleagues in the company, or sharing devices with external suppliers to a limited extent; our group has a large number of devices that need cross-operation and maintenance, and perfect equipment management capabilities, which can greatly improve the remote collaboration efficiency of front-line engineers.

5. Whether remote control products have batch deployment capabilities, such as silent installation, batch modification of client configuration in the cloud, installation of automatic equipment grouping, installation of automatic equipment authorization, one-click upgrade of clients, and so on. It is convenient for the batch initialization of a large number of equipment in the group, and it is even better if different factories support the establishment of their own batch management strategies.

6. Can remote control products solve the remote problem of intelligent devices in closed systems? there are some advanced intelligent devices on the production line of the group, and the installation of remote control software clients is prohibited. How to respond to the remote operation and maintenance needs of these devices?

7. Whether the remote control products support remote boot of unmanned devices; many unmanned devices in the group are distributed all over the factory area, and when abnormal situations require restart, the remote boot scheme can greatly improve the exception handling efficiency of the operation and maintenance team.

8. Whether remote control products support daily operation and maintenance management, such as batch push patch packages, batch push messages, etc., and improve the daily work efficiency of operation and maintenance team

9. Whether the remote control products support the inventory of a large number of unmanned equipment assets is also the daily work of the operation and maintenance team. The traditional inventory takes time and effort.

10. Whether remote control products support remote restrictions under a variety of conditions, such as defining MAC address, IP address, time period, etc., and further respond to the concerns of IT Security Department about business security.

11. Under the condition of limited login, whether remote control products support the configuration of some trusted accounts for remote operation, it is best to carry out secondary verification of accounts based on SMS or e-mail, so as to further ensure the security and control of the remote process.

12. Whether the remote control product has a detailed remote behavior log to meet the traceability audit requirements of IT Security Department.

13, whether the remote control product has a visual and graphical cockpit Kanban to give the company a clear view of the remote events

14. Whether remote control products support active identification of abnormal remote behavior and push early warning notifications to minimize the management risk of remote anomalies.

To sum up, we should pay attention to whether the remote control scheme meets the requirements of these three aspects: the performance of remote control itself, the management ability of remote control behavior and IT devices, and security capabilities.

In addition to the functions of the solution, we also need to examine the technical extension capabilities of the solution and its suppliers, so that when more in-depth needs arise, the scheme can be expanded quickly and efficiently to meet our needs, which should be reflected in:

1. Whether the supplier has advanced server cluster technology to fully ensure the smooth experience of the remote process in the case of large concurrency

2. Whether the supplier has advanced data encryption technology, such as RSA, AES, State Secret, etc., to ensure data security.

3. Whether remote control products support installation-free clients to reduce the difficulty of promoting remote tools in some scenarios

4. Whether the remote control product supports remote high-privilege operations on the client side when the operating system is not an administrator account. In order to satisfy the headquarters engineer to install and uninstall the target equipment under the domain account with high authority.

5, whether the remote control product has a daemon mode, so that it can be awakened automatically after the client exits due to an exception.

6. Whether the remote control products support the prohibition of personal account login in SaaS mode, so that the company can further strengthen remote control.

7. Whether remote control products support customized development to meet the company's personalized product needs

8. Whether remote control products support privatized deployment to meet the company's demand for localized management of remote applications

9, whether the supplier provides soft remote capability integration services, such as SDK development kit, to insert the wings of remote capabilities for the group's existing self-research applications and better extend the remote application scenarios.

The above is the content to be shared in this issue. Combined with the previous two articles, it is a complete guide to "how to choose a commercial remote control scheme for enterprises". I hope it will be helpful to you.

It is worth mentioning that after the investigation of the above process, the senior IT manager who shared it chose the enterprise-level scheme of sunflower remote control under Berry.

Sunflower remote control provides solutions for three types of business scenarios, namely, IT operation and maintenance, enterprise telecommuting, and enterprise technical support, and provides enterprises with an integrated solution of lightweight IT operation and maintenance, management and technical support, covering intelligent industrial control, IT Internet, chain retail, wisdom, intelligent government and other industries to help enterprise users reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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