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(some feedback has been unblocked) for no reason, Sony PS player feedback account is closed.

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Shulou( Report-- December 5 news, according to foreign technology media The Verge reported that many PlayStation Network users reported this Monday that their accounts were permanently blocked without giving reasons.

Sony officials responded to a user message with a brief statement: "This account is permanently blocked due to violations of PlayStation Network terms of service and user agreements." inquired about Facebook, Instagram, X, game forum ResetEra and other platforms and found that at least dozens of players reported the problem. Two hours ago, some users reported that Sony had rolled back and restored their accounts, but Sony PlayStation officials did not respond to the incident.

Sony has not acknowledged the problem, Sony's "Important Notice"PlayStation support page does not list any problems, and the company has not posted relevant content through its official PlayStation account.

Sony has been contacted by the media but did not immediately respond to their request for comment.

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