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Win the honor! After-sales Bao was awarded the "Best data enabling solution" at the China data elements Summit Forum.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, sponsored by DTinsight China Digital Intelligence Development Research Center, the second China data elements Summit Forum and Chief data Officer CDO Award presentation ceremony with the theme of "AI reshaping all things" was successfully held in Shanghai. Among them, after-sales Bao's "new generation intelligent customer service solution" was awarded as the "best data enabling solution of the year".

The conference invited academicians, experts and scholars in the field of data, as well as nearly 200 CDO, CIO and digital leaders from intelligent manufacturing, new consumption, and Internet industries to conduct in-depth discussions on hot topics in the market for data elements such as AI and data empowerment, and jointly explore and promote new ways of digital transformation. At the same time, the conference also held the award ceremony of "Outstanding Chief data Officer of the year CDO", "Best data Innovation benchmarking case of the year" and "Best data enabling solution of the year".

During the "reshaping the Future-High-end closed Dinner", the conference announced the "Best data enabling solution of the year". Nine solutions from outstanding technology companies stand out, affirming the contributions made by these enterprises in the digital transformation of their customers. Among them, after-sales Bao's "new generation intelligent customer service solution" won the title of "your best data enabling solution" because of its excellent product power and good customer reputation.

After years of polishing and testing by tens of thousands of enterprises and tens of millions of users, after-sales treasure always insists on taking customers as the center and uses data capabilities to empower enterprises to carry out digital upgrading in the service field.

After-sales treasure adopts the mode of combining SaaS+PaaS to meet the enterprise's complete solution + personalized demand expansion, with more than 30 general business templates, more than 20 application API interfaces and more than 40 business controls, precipitating the actual business scenarios of many industries, taking business needs as the starting point, and continuously providing enterprises with solutions of digital enabling service system.

At present, after-sales Bao has formed mature solutions for equipment manufacturing, equipment, intelligent hardware, home appliances and other industries, providing a new generation of intelligent customer service solutions for tens of thousands of enterprises, including 30 + Fortune 500 enterprises and 200 listed companies. to help enterprises achieve the management goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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