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A new preview of the game "Last Survivor 2 copy" is released to introduce the No Return survival mode of meat pigeons.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5, Sony today released the latest preview of the "Last Survivor 2 replica" (The Last of Us Part II remaster) game, focusing on the No Return model.

Naughty Dog Studio said that this is the roguelike survival mode, players can choose many major characters in the game, each character has its own different style to play, and can choose a variety of weapons.

After turning on the meat pigeon survival mode, the player will go to the location at random and encounter different enemies and monsters at random. The overall goal is to run in each location and fight the enemy for as long as possible. Players will also unlock new characters, weapons, and content in this mode.

In addition to No Return, the Last Survivor 2 replica game will include three playable levels deleted from the original game, with developer reviews. In addition to the new roguelike mode, there is a new guitar free play mode with unlockable instruments, the ability to experience some incomplete levels deleted from the original game, developer comments on these deleted levels, passing animations of major battles, and fast run mode.

If you have already purchased part II of the Last Survivor on PS4, you can upgrade to a remade digital version for $10 ( Note: currently about 72 yuan), and players can also transfer the archive from the original version to the remade version.

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