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There must be a war with the boss's wife! Steam especially praised the roguelite game "warm Snow" DLC "final Business" on sale today!

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When you wake up, the final battle! At 11:00 on December 5, 2023, the Diablo national wind action roguelite game "warm Snow", developed by BadMudStudio and released by the exclusive agent of bilibili games, is officially launched on Steam and steam platforms. The latest DLC "end business", the new DLC country price is 28 yuan, the debut will last for a week of 30% discount and DLC "end" 10% discount!

Steam Store Page:

As a dark national style action roguelite game, "warm Snow" with its unique art style, crisp sense of attack and characteristic flying sword system gives players the most vivid knight-errant fighting experience of "killing one person in ten steps, not leaving a journey for thousands of miles". The unique chivalrous sect created by the game, with a large number of magical soldiers, sacred objects and secret books, has evolved thousands of kinds of changes, and the characteristic flying sword comes and goes, and vanishes between light and shadow. Every time the player enters the world, it is a new experience, and you can enjoy the pleasant battle that belongs to you.

[ten years wake up and return to the world, infinite reincarnation starts the final battle]

"warm Snow" the new DLC "the end of work" tells the story of what happens after struggling and sinking in a dream for ten years. Ten years later, the evil god he Luo is fierce, the thick warm snow covers the whole world, and the remaining rebels struggle to support it. Players will follow the perspective of the hero to embark on the journey again, and start the final battle with he Luo God!

After the "final career" comes online, all the players who go through customs for a week can wake up from their dreams and return to this world to challenge he Luoshen. The heart of rebellion has created the key of reincarnation to help the samsara to travel through the timeline. There are six difficulty levels in the game, and players need to gradually unlock them in each reincarnation and completely eliminate he Luoshen. Of course, as the difficulty increases, players will also face more severe challenges, but at the same time, they will also get closer and closer to the truth.

[times have changed, exploring the territory of the dragon after corruption]

In the blink of an eye in the past ten years, the ferocious power of Hero's evil god has enveloped the world, the warm snow is raging day by day, and the world is becoming more and more decadent. Five new chapters have been added to the new DLC, and the new map scene shows the corrupted world of warm snow. Players will pass through the familiar and unfamiliar broken dragon ridges and the deserted city of Luozhou, climb onto Crane Island along the coastline of Simingtai, and step by step to the Serpent Dynasty shrine Mausoleum hidden in the depths of the earth a thousand years ago!

In this process, a total of 6 new Boss, 4 small and medium-sized Boss and 30 kinds of monsters are waiting for players to kill. In the final chapter, players have to pass through the deepest part of the Snake Family Mausoleum to enter the boss's yuan spirit pivot to fight against the most powerful pass in the history of warm Snow, Boss he Luo God, and start an epic battle!

[shuttling through the timeline, the myriad ways to open a new talent tree]

When he returned to this world, due to the restriction of God he Luo, he could no longer use the original talent tree. fortunately, the rebels used the heart of all things to create a new talent system, "the method of all things", which was completely independent of the Noumenon.

Players constantly challenge strong enemies by restarting the timeline again and again, and get the "afterglow of time" to upgrade the melting pot in the course of the game, and the talent points obtained by the upgrade can light up the ability nodes on the furnace. therefore, the limited talent points determine the game and choice of the growth path. At the same time, the Boss in the game will drop the "time residual sound" rune, which will further enhance the fun of the game by providing a higher degree of freedom and upper limit of intensity for build collocation through rich residual sound entries and special effects.

[three new sects, more sacred soldiers, sacred objects and secret books unlocked]

The new DLC brings a new combat genre, which rotates the sun and the moon with the power of the sun and the moon, the Tibetan king of Yan who controls life and death, and the spiritual sword Shura that evolves the flying sword into the spirit of the sword. the three sects will let players experience a combat experience that is completely different from that of the game Noumenon. 31 general secret books, 18 sacred objects and 25 magic soldiers have been added to the game, through the free matching of new and old sects, secret books and sacred objects. You can unlock more and more unexpected fighting genre games, it is better to take action, come and give it a try!

In addition, the game has also produced white ash and dream skin for the three new sects of the new DLC to ensure that they are cool and eye-catching!

[warm Snow "IP animation" Dragon Hidden in Snow "is broadcast simultaneously today)

Once ranked first in bilibili's domestic animation list and fourth in bilibili's hot search list, the prequel short drama "Dragon Hidden in Snow" has finally ushered in a new chapter. The final episode of "long Hidden in the Snow", which once again joined hands with Qingqishu, the production team of the well-known Guochui IP, will be launched today, and the animation, together with 48 new story fragments in the new DLC, will turn "warm Snow" into a more three-dimensional and more complete story.

Shredding dreams and turning back to reality, the master of the key of reincarnation shuttles through different timelines and is fighting the final battle with he Luo God. Welcome new and old snow shovelers to enter the game to challenge and save the world that is about to be destroyed!

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