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The source said that Xiaomi Redmi K70 Ultra phone carries Tianji 9300 processor and adopts differentiated configuration.

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Thanks to netizens who are very afraid of health and Jiayi for the delivery of clues! According to news on December 5, Xiaomi Redmi K70 series mobile phones were released at the end of November, including K70E, K70 and K70 Pro models, while K70 Ultra models did not appear together.

According to the blogger @ Digital chat Station today, Xiaomi's new Redmi is testing the Tianji 9300 processor, and this time it is also a differentiated configuration selection to make up for the external shortcomings of some Snapdragon models, and the video and battery fast charging specifications are OK. Although the blogger did not disclose the exact model of the new phone, it is expected to be a Redmi K70 Ultra phone in terms of product specifications.

For reference, the Redmi K70 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor + LPDDR5X memory + UFS 4.0 flash memory, pre-installed Xiaomi OS, the front is equipped with a 6.67inch 2K straight screen, a resolution of 3200mm 1440, peak brightness of 4000nit, support for the highest 120Hz refresh rate and 3840Hz high frequency PWM dimming.

The Redmi K70 Pro is equipped with 5000mAh battery, Xiaomi P2 fast charge chip and Xiaomi thepaper.It supports 120W wired fast charging; the rear 5000 megapixel Shadow Hunter UHD camera + 5000 megapixel 2x portrait lens + 1200 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, and the front 1600 megapixel HD portrait camera.

Tianji 9300 is the world's first full-core smartphone chip, and the CPU uses 1 × 3.25GHz Cortex-X4 + 3 × 2.85GHz Cortex-X4 + 4 × 2.0GHz A720 architecture.

For more information about the Redmi K70 Ultra phone, will keep an eye on it and bring follow-up reports.

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