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Meizu Technology Assistant Vice President: Meizu 21 Pro phone is still under planning, or 6000 yuan price range

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Thanks netizen west window old things, ugly drag network speed clues delivery! December 5 news, Meizu science and technology assistant vice president @ a piece of Lao Wan article revealed that Meizu 21 Pro is still planning no release time, the price may go straight to 6000 yuan. noticed that Meizu 21 series was sold for the first time in all channels today. The 8GB + 256GB version sold for 3399 yuan, 12GB + 256GB sold for 3699 yuan, and 12GB + 512GB sold for 3999 yuan.

Meizu official release first sales record: Meizu 21 series all-channel first sales break 100 million in one second!

Meizu 21 has a brand-new upgrade of unbounded aesthetic design 2.0 in appearance. It has the only pure white panel design in the industry at present. It adopts 6.55-inch extremely narrow four-sided straight screen, the front frame is only 1.74mm, the size of the body is controlled at 198g/ 7.9mm, and there are four colors: unbounded black, Meizu white, smart purple and sharp green.

Meizu 21 is equipped with the brand-new flagship third-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, adopts Samsung's 200 million instant flagship imaging system, cooperates with Samsung to optimize the star stream image algorithm, supports P3 full-link color, brand-new intelligent ISO Pro technology and multi-focal lossless zoom technology.

In terms of battery life, Meizu 21 is equipped with a 4800mAh battery, with a combination of 80W Super mCharge super fast charge and 65W PD fast charge.

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