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The monograph "Pingzhilian" has been listed to analyze the "secret key" of science and technology enterprises passing through the cycle.

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On December 5, the press conference of the new book of "screen of things" co-produced by Lianjie Innovation and CITIC Publishing Group was held in Beijing 751Library. Chen Yanshun, chairman of BOE (BOE), Wang Yue, author and chairman of Lianjie, Ouyang Zhongcan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Hong Yonggang, chief editor of CITIC Publishing Group. Zhu Wuxiang, professor of the Department of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management and director of the Business Model Center, and Yang Xiaoyan, assistant dean of Cheung Kong Business School, attended the event. As a representative work representing the history of China's display industry from scratch and a panoramic presentation of the management ideas and business wisdom of China's independent innovative science and technology enterprises, the monograph "couplet of things on screen" focuses on the logic of the emergence of the strategy of "couplet of things on screen" of BOE (Beijing Oriental), describes its management practice and methodology of going through the cycle under the background of this strategy, and is based on the strategy of "couplet of things on screen". This paper puts forward a "dimension upgrading model of enterprise strategy" with great demonstration value, which provides a useful reference for science and technology enterprises in the digital era. On the day of the event, the monograph "screen of things" has been comprehensively launched in Xinhua Bookstore and CITIC Bookstore, among which Citic Bookstore Beijing Daxing Airport Store, Shenzhen Baoan Airport Store and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Store have all been on the shelves., Dangdang e-commerce platform, Citic Publishing official flagship store, Citic Bookstore official flagship store, Wenxuan flagship store, Boku flagship store and other channels on the online platform are launched simultaneously.

Chen Yanshun, chairman of BOE (Beijing Oriental), said that 2023 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the founding of BOE. After 30 years of exploration and practice, it finally brings together the wonderful chapters of the cost book. The monograph "the Alliance of things" not only records the development path and innovation transformation track of high-tech enterprises represented by BOE, but also integrates the strategic thinking and management wisdom of Jingdong people on the transformation of the Internet of things. Among them, the strategic dimension upgrading model derived from the "screen of things" strategy broadens the thinking for Chinese science and technology enterprises how to break through the industry cycle, find new growth opportunities, and provide reference value for the current and future development of Chinese science and technology enterprises.

Wang Yue, author of "screen of things" and chairman of Lianjie, said that BOE (Beijing Oriental) has been based on "screen" for 30 years, laying out the future on the basis of the main line of core technology, and has embarked on the road of strategic upgrading of industry leaders belonging to China's independent science and technology enterprises. Today, with the change of the geo-environment, the ups and downs of the economic environment and the arrival of the new technology outbreak cycle, many leading enterprises of independent science and technology in China have also developed to a critical stage, and the strategic dimensionality model has a strong reference significance for them. Jumping out of the original cycle law, breaking the original ceiling and completing the "key leap" of the strategy are the high-probability and high-frequency events in the next 30 years. It is expected that more "dimensional" science and technology enterprises can emerge in China and form their own unique methods and innovation paths in the process of globalization.

At the press conference, well-known experts and scholars from the industry gathered together. Wang Yue, author of the couplet of things on the screen, as well as Ouyang Zhongcan, Zhu Wuxiang, Yang Xiaoyan and other well-known experts and scholars attended the round table forum and had an in-depth exchange on the topic of "resonance with the screen, strategic upgrading-- how science and technology enterprises pass through the cycle", so that the industry can get inspiration from the enterprise development process and practical experience of BOE. A glimpse of the laws of the operation of China's industry and real economy will promote science and technology enterprises to a new height on the world stage.

The monograph "BOE" presents readers with three wonderful chapters: "the Road to Excellence", "the transition of growth" and "the Alliance of things". From the point of view of economics and management, it completely interprets the transformation process of China's display industry from a third-party perspective, and interprets that Jing Dongfang has realized from catch-up to transcendence in the display field, and has a leading insight into the market prospect of the Internet of everything in the future. Opened a new "screen of things" transformation road. What is worth paying attention to is that the "dimension upgrading model of enterprise strategy" extracted from the couplet strategy of BOE screen is that the enterprise carries on the associated technology layout with the core technology as the origin, breaks through the original linear growth model through "scene application innovation", and realizes the key leap from two-dimensional market to three-dimensional market space, so as to obtain exponential development space and profit growth. This model can help science and technology enterprises break down the thinking barriers in the process of growth, summarize their own methodology, and provide a useful reference for science and technology enterprises to pass through the cycle and realize the transition in the new digital era.

As a global leader in the semiconductor display industry and a leading innovator in the Internet of things, BOE undertakes the mission of leading the industry to break through and innovate. The publication of the "couplet of things" monograph brings together not only the 30 years of growth experience of BOE (BOE), but also valuable inspiration for all technology enterprises seeking innovation and development. And BOE (Beijing Oriental), as the protagonist of this monograph, will firmly promote the landing of the strategy of "connection of things on the screen" in the future, deeply expand the market segment, let the screen integrate more functions, derive more forms, and implant more scenes, leading China's display industry from "display of everything" to a more magnificent new era of "display of all things". In the process of creating world-class demonstration enterprises, we will continue to write a new chapter in high-quality development!

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