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It is reported that Samsung has purchased a large number of 2.5D packaging equipment to prepare for Nvidia's next generation of "Blackwell" products.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5, according to TheElec, Samsung has ordered 16 2.5D packaging and bonding equipment from Japan's Xinchuan Company (Shinkawa). Samsung has received seven devices and is likely to ask for the rest if needed, the source said.

▲ source: Samsung pointed out that this is likely to provide HBM3 memory and 2.5D packaging services for Nvidia's next-generation AI chips. Samsung's HBM3, intermediary layer and 2.5D packaging technologies are most likely to be used in Nvidia GB100.

However, GPU itself, Nvidia did not use Samsung contract manufacturing, but chose its main partner TSMC. But in the back-end process, Nvidia chose to use both TSMC and Samsung as well as Amkor. Note: the manufacturing process of semiconductor products can be divided into wafer fabrication, packaging and testing, in which wafer fabrication belongs to the front-end (Front End) process; packaging and testing belong to the back-end (Back End) process; and the wafer fabrication process is also subdivided into the front-end and back-end, usually the CMOS process belongs to the front-end, and the subsequent metal wiring process belongs to the back-end.

Sources said that wafers for GB100 are expected to start manufacturing at TSMC around the end of the year, but wafer manufacturing will take up to four months, and the packaging process will begin around the second quarter of next year, so Samsung is making preparations in advance.

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