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One plus Ace Pro / original God-made version, Reno10 Pro + Open OPPO ColorOS 14 official version upgrade

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens YMM and Flit_ Liu for the clue delivery! December 5 news, one plus Ace Pro, one plus Ace Pro original God version, OPPO Reno10 Pro + open ColorOS 14.0 official version upgrade.

Official version number:

One plus Ace Pro / one plus Ace Pro original plate making- and above

Reno10 Pro+- and above

Guidance notes for application:

This upgrade will not erase user data, but it is recommended that you back up your personal important data in advance before upgrading.

At present, many commonly used three-party applications are not compatible with Android 14. After upgrading Android 14, third-party applications may not work properly (such as flicker, stutter, black screen, power consumption, etc.). It is recommended that you try to update the application to the latest version in the App Store.

Within two days after the upgrade, the background of the system will carry out a series of adaptive optimization actions, which may lead to the phenomenon of heating, stuttering and fast power consumption of the mobile phone. It is recommended that you restart your phone after 2 hours of screen charging after upgrade, or restore it after normal use for a period of time. noted that the official version of ColorOS 14 has added new functions such as fluid cloud interaction, ColorOS ubiquitous service smart car space, transit station, content extraction, smart matting, and file opening at will, and upgraded the aquatic color system with a natural, softer and clearer interface style.

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