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Indian users prefer older models such as the iPhone 12 Compact 13, and Apple wants to waive the mandatory use of the USB-C interface.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5 (Xinhua)-- India hopes to follow EU regulations, requiring all smartphones sold locally to use the USB-C interface by December 2024.

Apple told the Indian government that its local production targets would be affected if the country required the iPhone to be equipped with an USB-C charging port, so it asked the Indian government to exempt the existing iPhone from this requirement, according to Reuters.

Currently, Apple uses the USB-C interface only for its latest iPhone 15 series models, but Apple's problem is that most Indian consumers prefer to buy older phones like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. ( Note: these phones are already made in India to meet local sales and export needs, as part of Apple's compliance with the Indian PLI program).

At a closed-door meeting hosted by India's Ministry of Information Technology on November 28, Apple asked Indian officials to exempt existing iPhone models and warned that it would be difficult to meet production targets set by India's PLI if it went its own way.

The minutes quoted Apple's regulatory and product compliance executives as saying: "if the regulation is implemented on earlier models of phones, they [Apple] will not be able to meet their PLI targets."

Apple told Indian officials that if they were granted an exemption, they could achieve their goal by 2024 (India hopes to achieve compliance by June 2025), but if it did not, it would have to wait another 18 months after 2024 (that is, after June 2025).

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