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Meitu launches AI model MiracleVision version 4.0, which can generate vector graphics and support Vincent video.

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Shulou( Report-- December 5 news, Meitu today launched the AI model MiracleVision version 4.0, compared with the previous generation added "AI design" and "AI video" capabilities.

This version is planned to be used in Meitu, Meitu camera, Wink, Meitu Design Studio, WHEE and other Meitu products in January 2024. The details of are as follows:

In terms of AI design, MiracleVision version 4.0has four functions of "vector graphics", "text special effects", "intelligent layering" and "intelligent typesetting", allowing users to generate vector graphics through prompts, apply a variety of appearance styles to the text, intelligently layer still frames, and directly generate posters with different layouts.

In terms of AI video, MiracleVision version 4.0 supports video generation using prompts and pictures, as well as new styles based on video, as well as the ability to convert still frames into video.

In addition, Meitu said that MiracleVision officially opened commercial API. After user access, it will produce less than 100000 pictures at a price of 0.1 yuan per picture, 100000-1 million pictures at a price of 0.08 yuan per piece, and more than 1 million pictures at 0.06 yuan per piece.

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