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Shenzhen: by 2025, the general computing power will reach 14EFLOPS, the intelligent computing power will reach 25EFLOPS, and the super computing power will reach 2EFLOPS.

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Thanks to netizens Snailwang, Xiao Yi, Jiayi and Shenzhen pretty boy for their clue delivery! news on December 5, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology today issued the Shenzhen Computing Infrastructure High-quality Development Action Plan (2024-2025).

The overall goal is that by 2025, the city will basically form a scientific and reasonable spatial layout, matching the scale and mass with the construction needs of the top-speed pioneer cities, and adapting to the high-quality development of the digital economy in terms of computing power, carrying capacity, storage capacity and application capacity. the layout of advanced computing infrastructure with a significant improvement in the level of green, low-carbon and autonomous control, and the construction of a multi-computing supply system for the coordinated development of general, intelligent, supercomputing and marginal computing. To create a Chinese computing network city benchmark of "diversified supply, forced calculation, ubiquitous connection, and safe access".

Overall layout. Build advanced computing infrastructure and continuously optimize network connection facilities. by 2025, the rack size of the city's data center will reach 500000 standard racks, and the level of computing efficiency will be significantly improved.

Technical system. It has basically formed a computing infrastructure technical system with multiple computing power, safe and reliable storage capacity, high-quality interconnection of transport capacity, and collaborative construction of calculation, deposit and transportation. By 2025, the general computing power will reach 14EFLOPS (FP32), the intelligent computing power will reach 25EFLOPS (FP16), and the supercomputing power will reach 2EFLOPS (FP64). The total storage reached 90EB. Advanced storage capacity accounts for more than 30%, and the coverage of core data and important data in key industries reaches 100%. The inter-city data center delay is not higher than 1ms, the Shaoguan national hub node delay is not higher than 3ms, and the Gui'an national hub node delay is not higher than 10ms.

Green and safe. To strengthen the green security development, by 2025, the power utilization efficiency (PUE) of the newly built data center in our city will be reduced to less than 1.25, and the green low-carbon grade will reach more than 4A. Start the upgrading of the "old and small scattered" data center. Strengthen the security management and capacity building of network, data and computing facilities, and build a sound security system.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology previously said that China's computing industry reached 2.6 trillion yuan in 2022 and shipped more than 20.91 million general-purpose servers and 820000 AI servers in the past six years. The number of effective invention patents in China ranks first in all industries.

According to the "China numeral Power Development Index (2023)" issued by the China Institute of Information and Communication, the development of numeral power diversification in China continues to advance. It is expected that the global computing power will surpass 3ZFlops by 2025 and surpass 20ZFlops by 2030. The scale of global computing is expected to surpass 3ZFlops.

Zhao Zhiguo, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that advanced computing, represented by heterogeneous computing, intelligent computing, and quantum computing, has evolved to a critical stage of qualitative change, and the computing industry has shown strong vitality and inestimable potential.

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