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Meta Quest Pro headset gets push v60 system update: unlock higher SoC frequency, increase the number of game space, etc.

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According to news on December 5, Meta today pushed a v60 system software update for its Quest 2 Quest Pro 3 / Pro headdisplay. After the update, SoC with Quest Pro headers will get a higher frequency. It is said that "CPU performance has improved by 34% and GPU performance by 19%."

▲ source Meta official press release also learned that the v60 system software allows all Quest headers to remember more "game space" and allows users to "easily switch between different rooms without having to redraw boundaries every time"; however, after updating the system, Quest 2 / Pro headers no longer support pushing mobile phone notification messages over a Bluetooth connection.

▲ source Meta official press release in addition, the v60 system software has also added "Blue Mountain Gold Mine", "storybook" and "Lakeside Peak" three launch environments, and the privacy page of the user's home page has also been updated to show more "VR interests" by default.

Official press release of ▲ image source Meta

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