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Release of Apple iOS / iPadOS 17.2 candidate: enhance notebook applications, improve Music

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Freddy123 for the clue delivery!, December 6 (Xinhua)-- Apple today pushed the iOS 17.2 update (build number: 21C62) to iPhone users, four days after its last release.

It should be noted that due to the cache configuration problem of Apple node servers in various regions, the upgrade and update time may be slightly delayed in some places, usually within half an hour, not too long.

The main contents of the candidate version of translation iOS 17.2 RC are as follows:

AirDrop fixes occasional failures in sending AirDrop or using NameDrop to an iOS 17.0amp 17.1 device.

Apple Music fixes problems with favorites playlists that may take a while to display on some iOS / iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS devices.

The AVKit repair AVCaptureEventInteraction is currently not responding to the Action button.

The camera takes spatial videos with extraordinary depth on the iPhone 15 Pro for 3D viewing in the "photos" App on the Apple Vision Pro header. Open space video shooting in Settings > camera > format, and then shoot space video in Video mode in camera App.

Added deep support for select AVCaptureDeviceFormats on AVCaptureDeviceTypeBuiltInTripleCamera. Now, on AVCaptureDeviceTypeBuiltInTripleCamera for iPhone 15 Pro and AVCaptureDeviceTypeBuiltInDualWideCamera for iPhone 15, use a wider range of videoZoomFactors to select AVCaptureDeviceFormats to provide depth. Select AVCaptureDeviceFormats now provides the ability to zoom when depth is enabled without interrupting reconfiguration.

IMessage Contact Key Verification authenticates through iMessage contact keys, and users can choose to further verify that they only send messages to the target person. "iMessage Contact Key Verification" uses key Transparency to enable automatic authentication to confirm that the iMessage information key distribution service returns device keys that have been recorded in verifiable and auditable mappings. When this feature is enabled, users are notified of any validation errors directly in the Info conversation record and Apple ID settings.

For higher security, iMessage information contact key verification users can compare contact verification codes in person, in FaceTime calls or in other secure calls. They can also choose to create or edit a contact and store the public key to turn on the iMessage information contact key verification with that contact.

All devices logged into the iCloud account must be running the minimum supported version of iOS version 17.2 Beta, macOS 14.2 Beta, or watchOS 10.2 Beta. If you want to continue to use other devices on older versions of the operating system, you need to log out of login iMessage on those devices to enable contact key authentication.

Handwriting helps iPhone users reflect and practice gratitude through the notebook app.

Messages fixed unlocalized strings (such as DETAIL_NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE_LABEL) displayed for member counts in full-screen map views where group messages might appear

The Music application on devices with iOS 17.2 Beta 1, Beta 2, or Beta 3 fixes content recently searched by Apple Music and may not show problems in the recent search section of the search tab in the Music App.

Attached iOS / iPadOS 17 release History: 2023-12-01:iOS 17.1.2 (21B101)

2023-11-29:iOS 17.2 Beta 4 (21C5054b)

2023-11-15:iOS 17.2 Beta 3 (21C5046c)

2023-11-10:iOS 17.2 Beta 2 (21C5040g)

2023-11-08:iOS 17.1.1 (21B91)

2023-10-27:iOS 17.2 Beta (21C5029g)

2023-10-18:iOS 17.1 Release Candiate (21B74)

2023-10-11:iOS 17.1 Beta 3 (21B5066a)

2023-10-05:iOS 17.0.3 (21A360)

2023-10-04:iOS 17.1 Beta 2 (21B5056e)

2023-09-28:iOS 17.1 Beta (21B5045h)

2023-09-23:iOS 17.0.2 (21A350)

2023-09-22:iOS 17.0.1 (21A340)

2023-09-13:iOS 17 Release Candidate (21A329)

2023-08-30:iOS 17 Beta 8 (21A5326a)

2023-08-23:iOS 17 Beta 7 (21A5319a)

2023-08-16:iOS 17 Beta 6 (21A5312c)

2023-08-09:iOS 17 Beta 5 (21A5303d)

2023-07-26:iOS 17 Beta 4 (21A5291h)

2023-07-06:iOS 17 Beta 3 (21A5277h)

2023-06-22:iOS 17 Beta 2 (21A5268h)

2023-06-06:iOS 17 Beta (21A5248v)

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