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After Google, Amazon also accused Microsoft of unfair competition in cloud services.

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Shulou( Report-- December 6 news, in the field of cloud computing, Microsoft's business practices have caused some controversy. Amazon recently filed a letter with the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) revealing unfair practices in Microsoft's cloud terms of service, arguing that these practices limit customers 'freedom to choose other competitors. Google has filed similar complaints with UK regulators, accusing Microsoft of using business tactics to put competitors at a significant disadvantage.

Amazon said in the letter that Microsoft has made it more difficult for customers to run its software on other cloud service providers such as Google Cloud, AWS and Alibaba by modifying its software license terms. For example, even if customers already own Microsoft software products to use on other cloud services, they still need to purchase separate licenses, which often makes it economically impossible for customers to choose providers other than Microsoft. notes that Amazon also cited a study published earlier this year by Professor Jenny. The study discusses the cost of unfair software licensing practices. When customers choose Microsoft's flagship productivity software, Office 365, they are forced to pay additional licensing fees if they choose a third-party cloud infrastructure provider over Microsoft's own Azure. Not only does this increase the cost of choosing competitors, it may also limit customers 'freedom to mix different cloud solutions based on price and quality considerations.

Amazon concluded its letter by saying it supports fair software licensing principles and looks forward to cooperating with CMA in its investigation. CMA is investigating unfair business practices at Amazon and Microsoft after Ofcom reported that Amazon and Microsoft used their market positions to prevent consumers from turning to competitors.

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