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Chevrolet launched a time-limited car purchase policy with a maximum discount of 60000 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 6 news, Chevrolet announced the launch of a time-limited car purchase policy, December 1-December 31, buy Chevrolet SUV family up to 60000 yuan discount, and buy Coruze will receive a full tank of oil.

According to, the Chevrolet SUV family includes pioneers and explorers, among which the Pioneer is equipped with Chevrolet 2T9 gold power combination and 48V light hybrid system, which consists of the eighth generation Ecotec 2.0T intelligent variable cylinder turbine engine + 9-speed HYDRAMATIC manual self-contained gearbox +48V light hybrid system, with 100 km acceleration of 8.4 seconds. The car features front McPherson independent suspension and rear five-link independent suspension, and is equipped with Twin-Clutch intelligent four-wheel drive system. The four-wheel drive model also comes standard with All-Road driving mode. The manufacturer's guidance price of the car is 194,900 yuan-266,900 yuan.

Chevrolet Explorer sells for 184,900 yuan to 239,900 yuan, offering 1.5T+6AT models with 124 kilowatts of power and 250 N·m of torque, as well as a 2.0T+48V light hybrid powertrain matching a 9-speed automatic gearbox with 174 kilowatts of power and 350 N·m of torque.

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