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Jiaming GARMIN Lily 2 smart watch sneaks away, the e-commerce price shows 249 pounds.

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Shulou( Report-- December 6 news, according to foreign technology media Fitness Tracker Test reports, Jiaming is expected to update the launch of Lily 2 smartwatch in the near future, the Spanish official website has mentioned at least six models.

According to Jiaming's Spanish website, the Lily 2 smart watch will launch a classic version and a sports version, both of which have the same hardware specifications, but will offer different dial decorations and straps.

It is not clear when Jiaming will launch the Lily 2 smartwatch, but The Watch Hut has listed the price on its website with a price tag of 249 pounds ( Note: currently about 2248 yuan). inquires Jiaming China's official website, the price of Lily active version is 1580 yuan, and the price of fashion version is 1880 yuan.

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