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The Japanese research institute broke the optical fiber transmission speed record at 22.9 Pb / s, 1000 times faster than the existing optical cable.

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Shulou( Report--, December 6 (Xinhua)-- researchers from the Japanese Intelligence and Communications Research Institute (NICT), Eindhoven University of Technology and L'Aquila University have achieved a breakthrough in transmission, proving that up to 22.9 Pb / s of data can be transmitted through a single optical cable consisting of multiple fibers. The previous world record was 10.66 Pb / s, equivalent to more than doubling. found in the announcement that researchers have achieved this breakthrough by combining the latest research technologies with space division multiplexing (SDM) and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). SDM uses multiple multi-core fibers and various transmission technologies to handle more than 100 spatial channels, which are then combined with multi-bandwidth WDM. The researchers combined the 38-core, three-mode cable through a multi-band compatible MIMO receiver.

NICT said that this is the first time that different multiplexing technologies have been combined to achieve significant advances in data transmission technology. The research results were presented and accepted at the 49th European Optical Communication Conference in Glasgow. Although the technology is ready to be integrated into the existing global optical connectivity infrastructure, telecentres that currently use ultra-high-capacity fiber optics still need to be upgraded.

In short, once this technology is deployed, the data traffic that the new infrastructure can handle is expected to increase by three orders of magnitude (1000 times). However, the transmission rate records of optical fiber continue to be broken, and it is not clear which method is the most feasible for commercial use.

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