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Intelligent Manufacturing affects Global Future Industry-- Collection of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2024 "excellent case of WIC Intelligent Science and Technology Innovation and Application"

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Shulou( Report--

In order to show the global demonstration of all elements of intelligent industry, promote the deep integration of intelligent science and technology with thousands of industries, and accelerate the transformation and application of key technologies of intelligent science and technology, the World Intelligent Conference grandly launched the selection activity of "Excellent Cases of Innovation and Application of WIC Intelligent Science and Technology." Since its launch in 2022, the event has received high attention and recognition from global smart technology innovators and has become the top award in the global smart technology field. In October 2023, the 8th "Excellent Cases of WIC Intelligent Science and Technology Innovation Application" was officially launched. This activity will collect excellent cases in three fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent networked automobile and intelligent network security from all over the world. The winning cases will be released during the 8th World Intelligence Conference in 2024. This article explains the development trend and collection scope of intelligent manufacturing field for everyone.

With the in-depth development of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, a new generation of information communication, new materials, new energy and other technologies continue to break through, providing historical opportunities for the high-end, intelligent and green development of manufacturing industry. At the same time, the global competition in science and technology and industry is becoming more intense. The strategic game of big countries is further focused on intelligent manufacturing. The development strategies of the United States, Germany and Japan, such as "Advanced Manufacturing Leadership Strategy","National Industrial Strategy 2030" and "Society 5.0", all focus on intelligent manufacturing.

The development of intelligent manufacturing is of great significance for accelerating the development of China's modern industrial system and consolidating and strengthening the foundation of the real economy. At present, China's intelligent manufacturing level is in a critical stage of moving from a low level to a medium and high level. On the supply side, China has more than 6000 intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers, initially forming a team five that can meet the needs of China's manufacturing enterprises to promote digital transformation. However, on the demand side, small and medium-sized enterprises are limited by various resources such as technology, capital and talents, and the overall digital transformation level is relatively low.

In order to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in China, the 8th World Intelligent Conference summarized and publicized the successful experience of intelligent manufacturing application through excellent case collection and selection activities, and provided a bridge for experience exchange and technology mutual learning between industries. The selection is oriented to the field of intelligent manufacturing, focusing on key technologies and core components, intelligent equipment and intelligent technology and system direction of manufacturing process. It collects intelligent scientific and technological innovation application cases including key process intelligence, key post robot replacement, intelligent optimization control of production process, intelligent supply chain, intelligent factory/digital workshop, intelligent equipment and products, intelligent management, intelligent manufacturing cloud service platform, industrial Internet of Things, industrial robot, etc.

Sincerely invite global science and technology leaders, enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes, industry organizations and scientific and technological innovation teams to actively participate in the declaration of excellent cases in the field of intelligent manufacturing!

Declaration method:

1. Reporting channel:

The applicant submits excellent case application materials through the online application system.

Application system website:

Application system two-dimensional code:

2. Required submissions:

After registering the application system, log in and download and fill in the Application Form of Excellent Cases of WIC Intelligent Science and Technology Innovation Application at the 8th World Intelligence Conference 2024. In addition to basic information, the applicant shall provide the following materials (including but not limited to):

(1) Introduction of cases;

(2) Independent intellectual property rights and other relevant supporting materials;

(3) Third-party appraisal report, scientific and technological novelty report, media report and other authenticity, advanced related supporting materials;

(4) Relevant supporting materials for the economic and social benefits obtained or expected to be obtained by the case.

3. Deadline:

Before 17:00 on February 28,2024 (subject to the release deadline of official website and official Weixin Official Accounts of World Intelligence Conference)

Contact information:

Tel: 022-87332955

Technical consultation: 18500287239

Fax: 022-83607342

Contact Email:

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